Jan 28, 2021
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87-year-old Vasily Lanovoy was connected to a ventilator

12:41, 28.01.2021

The actor is in intensive care.

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On January 2, it became known that Vasily Lanovoy was hospitalized with coronavirus. Then the actor’s wife Irina Kupchenko said that she was also infected, but she had no pronounced symptoms, so the doctors sent her home for treatment. Later it became known that the People’s Artist of the USSR was affected by five percent of the lungs. On January 8, information appeared that the artist’s condition began to stabilize. This was reported by the director of the actor Antonina Zhuravleva

Today, January 28, it became known that the actor became sharply worse. He was transferred to the intensive care unit and connected to a ventilator. Recall that Vasily Lanovoy received a positive test for coronavirus on the last day of 2020. After that, the actor was hospitalized, and already in the hospital they underwent a full examination, including computed tomography. Initially, the artist’s relatives believed that he would spend several days in the hospital, but his stay there dragged on for a longer period.

Vasily Lanovoy

Note that Vasily Semenovich’s health began to fail him earlier. So, in November 2019, the performance “The Last Moons”, which was held at the Vakhtangov Theater, was interrupted. The reason was the poor health of the actor. Lanovoy’s blood pressure rose sharply. An ambulance team was called to the theater, the performance was canceled. At the same time, then the artist did not need further hospitalization.

Lanovoy admitted to reporters that in spring and autumn he constantly suffers from pressure surges… When these seasons are over, his condition stabilizes. By the way, that cancellation of the performance was not the only one. The productions were also canceled earlier due to the actor’s problems with pressure. After the examination, the doctors forbade the artist to go on stage, Tsargrad reports.

Vasily Lanovoy on the stage of the theater

Recall that Vasily Lanovoy was born in Moscow. His parents were peasants who moved to the city during the famine of 1931. When the war began, the parents sent seven-year-old Vasily and his two sisters to their native village. For three years, the children did not see their father and mother. When the parent returned to take the children to Moscow, Lanovoy did not recognize his mother – the war had changed her so much.

At the age of 13, the future artist began to study in a drama circle at the Likhachev plant. But the choice in favor of an acting career was not final. In the seventh grade, Vasily almost transferred to a flight school, his acting teacher opposed this decision Sergey Stein… But even after graduating from school, which, by the way, Lanovoy graduated with a gold medal, the future artist entered the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University. But in the end he did not study there: at the age of 18 he was invited to play a role in the film “Certificate of Maturity”. After completing the filming, Lanovoy took the documents from Moscow State University and entered the Shchukin Theater School. After graduation, Vasily Lanovoy was accepted into the troupe of the Vakhtangov Theater.

Vasily Lanovoy in the movie “Scarlet Sails”

Recall that Vasily Lanovoy was married three times. His first wife was the actress Tatyana Samoilova, who died in 2014. The second wife of the artist was an actress of the Moscow Drama Theater named after A.S. Pushkin Tamara Zyablova… She died in a car accident. Irina Kupchenko has become the artist’s third wife since 1972. In this marriage, the couple had sons Alexander and Sergei… The youngest son died in 2013 of a heart attack. Sergey has a daughter Anna

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