Jan 26, 2021
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86-year-old Alisa Freundlich hospitalized with coronavirus was transferred to a regular ward

13:03, 26.01.2021

Previously, the actress was in the intensive care unit.

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On December 28, 2020, Alice Freundlich was hospitalized in a hospital in St. Petersburg. The People’s Artist of the USSR has confirmed the coronavirus. Freundlich was diagnosed with COVID-19 on December 18, but after that the actress was treated at home for a week. Later, the star of “Office Romance” ended up in the intensive care unit. According to a number of media reports, the actress was connected to a ventilator, and a cyst in the liver was also found in her.

Earlier, doctors stated that there was no dynamics in the state of Freundlich’s health. Moreover, according to doctors, after hospitalization, she began to develop a cytokine storm – a dangerous and potentially fatal complication when a person’s immune system begins to attack the body instead of protecting it. However, five days ago, the doctors of the Clinical Hospital № 122 named. Sokolov, where Freundlich lies, denied this information. They noted that the CT scan of the artist showed positive dynamics, and the star did not have a cytokine storm.

Alisa Freindlich with her daughter

Experts emphasized that the country’s leading doctors regularly conduct consultations to improve Freundlich’s condition. So, today it became known that the actress was on the mend and was transferred from the intensive care unit to the usual one. This was reported by TASS.

We add that earlier the doctors clarified that the situation with the artist’s illness is complicated by two factors. It is known that Alisa Brunovna has been smoking for many years, which affected the condition of her lungs. While in the hospital, the actress did not take a cigarette in her hands for a month, so her health improved. In addition, Freundlich lacks body weight to quickly fight the coronavirus – specialists had to solve this problem.

Alisa Freindlich with her family

It should be noted that together with Alisa Freundlich, her 52-year-old daughter was hospitalized. Barbara and 25-year-old granddaughter Anna… Doctors noted that Anna’s condition during hospitalization caused concern – it was assessed as severe, with no improvement. By the way, the artist’s granddaughter a few days before hospitalization complained that she would not be able to celebrate the New Year with her mother and grandmother, as they usually did.

Recall that Alisa Freundlich spent the main period of self-isolation outside the city. However, she did not limit her activities in the theater, despite all the risks. By the way, the Bolshoi Drama Theater, where Freundlich works, stopped showing performances in the spring in the usual format – all the performances were eventually moved online. Alisa Brunovna, together with her colleagues, also went live every week, read poetry and participated in performances.

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