Feb 16, 2021
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85-year-old Yuri Solomin, infected with coronavirus, was hospitalized

10:53, 16.02.2021

The artist tested positive for COVID-19.

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Today, 85-year-old Yuri Solomin was hospitalized after confirming that he had a coronavirus infection. This was announced by the director of the Maly Theater Tamara Mikhailova… She was quick to point out that Solomin was fine. According to the director of the theater, the disease does not go away in a severe form.

“Yuri Methodievich fell ill with coronavirus, he was hospitalized. But she still feels good, ”said Mikhailova. In addition, the theater reported that Yuri Methodievich showed signs of COVID-19 a few days ago. Solomin decided to take a coronavirus test and received a positive test.

Yuri Solomin at work

Recall that Yuri Solomin is a Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation, People’s Artist of the USSR and laureate of the RSFSR State Prize and a full holder of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland. And this is just a part of several dozen of his awards. Solomin has about a hundred roles in theater and cinema. Especially viewers love and remember him from the films – “An Ordinary Miracle”, “Walking Through the Torment”, “Adjutant of His Excellency”, “Bat“,” TASS is authorized to declare … “,” Moscow Saga “and many others, reminds Channel Five.

Yuri Solomin is Vitaly Solomin’s older brother, but the relationship between them did not work out. Of the two brothers, Vitaly was the first to break into the world of Soviet cinema. In 1966, he starred in the films “Women” and “Big Sister”, which immediately made him the favorite of millions. Three years later, Yuri was able to catch up with his younger brother in popularity. In the film “Adjutant of His Excellency” the actor played the main role.

Yuri Solomin in the film “Adjutant of His Excellency”

In 1975, Yuri Solomin starred in Akira Kurosawa’s film Dersu Uzala, which won an Oscar. However, in the late 70s, the youngest of the Solomin brothers was very lucky: he was approved for the role of Dr. Watson in the series about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. And after the release of this TV serial, Vitaly starred in another popular film of that time – “Winter Cherry”.

Since childhood, the youngest of the Solomin brothers suffered from high blood pressure. But he was not used to complaining, so even his wife did not know about his serious health problems. During one of the rehearsals, Solomin Jr. suffered a microstroke, but no one found out about it. And in April 2002 the actor felt bad being on the stage of the play “Krechinsky’s Wedding”. For a month, dozens of doctors from the Sklifosovsky Institute fought for the life of the Soviet artist, but on May 27, 2002, his heart stopped.

Vitaly Solomin as Dr. Watson

In 2019, Yuri Methodievich experienced another loss. On May 27, his wife, a teacher at the Higher Theater School named after M.S. Shchepkina Olga Nikolaevna… She died at the age of 88. The Solomins’ marriage lasted 65 years. On September 1, 1965, the artists had their only daughter Daria… She resides in London, where she teaches piano. The granddaughter of the People’s Artist of the USSR also devoted herself to music – Alexandra

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