Jan 28, 2021
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83-year-old Nikolay Drozdov opened an account on Tik-Tok

00:19, 28.01.2021

The TV presenter plans to publish a video with helpful tips.

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Nikolay Drozdov has been the host of the program “In the world of animals” for 40 years. Last summer, the scientist announced his retirement from television. The reason for the difficult decision was the TV presenter’s health problems. After the master left the program, his place was taken by 17-year-old student Alexei Lapin, who had been Drozdov’s co-host for the past few years. At the end of 2020, Nikolai Nikolayevich told in the YouTube show “Shall We Talk?” That he had been preparing the young man for the post of TV presenter for 10 years, and began looking for a successor largely because of fear of death.

However, after leaving the program, Nikolai Drozdov continues to keep pace with the times. And today it became known that the scientist created a personal account in TEC So. The first video with the participation of the scientist has already appeared on the microblog. “Hello dear friends. I am glad to welcome you on my page in TEC So, – Nikolai Nikolaevich turned to subscribers.

83-year-old Nikolay Drozdov opened an account on Tik-Tok

Nikolai Drozdov also admitted in an interview with reporters that an acquaintance pushed him to the decision to create a popular social network. The TV presenter said that now every week he will publish in TEC So video with good advice for young people. “A friend of mine advised me. The guys need some good advice there. Giving good advice to young people once a week is good. But they dissuaded me, they said that there was a party of fools, and I would be among them, I answer: not among them, but something to all of them Can I advise you? ” – quotes the host

Nikolai Drozdov first joined the Animal World program in 1968 as a consultant. Since 1975 he has appeared on television screens as a host of the program. Nikolai Drozdov took part in numerous scientific expeditions, which more than once turned into accidents. The host of the program “In the world of animals” was bitten by a scorpion, and in Africa accidentally set a film crew of a rhinoceros on the car. Once, on the set in the studio, he was bitten by a viper.

Nikolay Drozdov

For several days Nikolai Nikolaevich watched with interest how the disease developed in him, until Elena Malysheva took him by the hand to the Sklifosovsky Institute of Emergency Medicine. At that time, the presenter miraculously escaped the disease of gangrene. In 2010, “In the world of animals” appeared on “Russia-2” with a new splash screen. Since 2016, the program has been broadcast on the Karusel channel. It is interesting that it was the In the World of Animals program that was awarded one of the first TEFI prizes.

Note that Drozdov always amazed the audience with his athletic form and in the early 2000s he even took part in the filming of the fourth season of the Last Hero project. However, in 2019, Nikolai Nikolaevich made fans worry about their health. Drozdov was hospitalized due to a fractured rib he received while playing sports.

Nikolai Drozdov also faced health problems in early December last year. He had a fever, a runny nose and a cough. Despite the fact that doctors suspected a coronavirus infection in the scientist, he decided to be treated at home. However, the test for the presence of COVID-19 in the body was negative.

Nikolay Drozdov in the project “The Last Hero”

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