Sep 15, 2020
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80-year-old Lion Izmailov remembered how his lover was shot many years ago

15:11, 09/14/2020

For the first time, the satirist shared the worst tragedy of his life.

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The famous satirist Lion Izmailov became a guest of the program "The Fate of a Man", where he spoke about his life. The 80-year-old comedian shared his most tragic memory. According to Izmailov, he was struck by the unexpected departure of their beloved life, who was shot by her former boyfriend. Izmailov admitted that in Valentin he fell in love at first sight. She was very beautiful and liked by everyone without exception.

The relationship of young people was already quite serious when a terrible tragedy happened. According to Izmailov, he began to look after Valentina, but her ex-boyfriend, whom they had met for many years, intervened. Lyons had a conflict with him. Once Valentine stayed with a friend. That evening, her former boyfriend came to them and began to sort things out. He told Valentina to leave her friend and go home, but she did not obey. "Then he shot her in the head, and then committed suicide," - shared Lyon. He noted that the girl was taken to the hospital, she was operated on for several hours, but they still could not save her.

Lion Izmailov in the studio of the program "The Fate of a Man"

After this tragedy, Izmailov did not want to start a new relationship for a long time, but over time the pain of loss passed, and he met a new love. Lyon also talked about his first marriage, which he usually referred to as "training". He was married to a journalist named Alla, however, the lovers could not get along and divorced after only a year.

Later, the satirist met his current wife Elena Sorokina, with which he is together to this day. The couple survived a divorce, and after some time Izmailov realized that he could not live without his wife and returned to her. Lyon explains that then his mother was seriously ill, and because of this he was very nervous, which led to family conflicts. “We lived apart for half a year. Then I realized that I could not live without Lena. We met and began to live together again. As a result, they got married again, and in 1983 they got married, ”recalls the humorist.

Lion Izmailov on stage

Recall that the miniatures written by Izmailov, including the “legendary” monologues of a culinary college student, are performed by Gennady Khazanov, Yevgeny Petrosyan, Efim Shifrin, Vladimir Vinokur and other pop artists. At various times, Izmailov performed with the artists of the famous "Full House". In addition, he is the founder and presenter of the Izmailovsky Park show-concert, on the stage of which Lev Leshchenko, the vocal and instrumental ensemble Samotsvety, Igor Nikolaev and other Russian pop artists have performed more than once. Lyon currently performs on stage and continues to collaborate with famous comedians as an author.

Lion Izmailov in the program "The Fate of a Man"

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