Jun 3, 2022
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8 signs of chronic anxiety

8 signs of chronic anxiety

Chronic anxiety is an actual medical condition whose symptoms include constant nervousness, restlessness and tension.

Anxiety can become so complex that it not only manifests itself mentally and emotionally, but also physical symptoms.

Here are eight main symptoms:

Muscle pain

When it comes to physical symptoms, this sign is one of the main ones. Stress and anxiety can also cause inflammation in the muscles.


Next on the list of physical symptoms are headaches and migraines, which occur as a result of muscle tension and stress. If you use caffeine, it can only worsen your condition.


Anxious work of the adrenal glands can lead to fatigue, which is mainly caused by anxiety and overexertion.

Problems with the gastrointestinal tract

Irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion can be the result of chronic anxiety. When the brain is not working as usual, digestion is also interrupted. Serotonin is produced in the gastrointestinal tract, and when digestion is difficult, serotonin levels also decrease.

Sugar cravings

When we experience a feeling of anxiety, we often indulge in sweets, as they calm us down and give us pleasure. However, sugar is extremely harmful, and even more so in this case.


Insomnia or irregular sleep can also be the result of chronic anxiety. Since the brain works quickly and as a result of overwork, sleep patterns can be disturbed.

mood swings

When the brain is full of negative thoughts and worries, it can lead to emotional outbursts.

Lack of attention

Wandering eyes and brooding are likely the result of chronic anxiety.

A state of chronic anxiety can be easily cured, but for this it is necessary to recognize the above signs as early as possible. You can always see a doctor or just do these things to help you heal:

  • reduce your caffeine intake
  • sleep more
  • eat a healthy and proper diet
  • stop nicotine and alcohol consumption
  • exercise
  • learn breathing techniques to help you relax
  • do yoga
  • discover the source of your anxiety and stay away from that person or situation
  • a heart-to-heart talk can always bring you peace and relaxation, so go for it!
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