Jan 3, 2022
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8 signs of an emotionally unavailable man

8 signs of an emotionally unavailable man

In order not to waste time with such men, you need to know the signs of emotional unavailability.

For a relationship to be successful, you both need to be emotionally available and open to each other. It means being honest with yourself and others, accepting your partner’s emotions, and realizing that healthy relationships are built on trust and intimacy that deepens over time.

But some people find it difficult to open up to others. They may fear intimacy, may not understand their emotions, or be unsure of whether they want a relationship.

If you are dating such a person, your relationship is probably like a roller coaster. In order not to waste time with such men, you need to know the signs of emotional unavailability:

1. He has no close friends.

An emotionally unavailable man does not know how to share his secret feelings and thoughts, even with friends. He may have a few friends with whom he sometimes drinks beer, but none of them he can trust with a serious problem.

2. He doesn’t really show feelings.

He does not take your hand, he avoids unnecessary sensuality, not even sexual. It scares him, as if you are invading his space and encroaching on those emotions that he does not yet understand in himself.

3. It is either cold or hot.

Today he is madly in love with you, and tomorrow suddenly he is indifferent? Usually, a man behaves in such a way as to maintain a distance between you, in order to prevent the development of real intimacy. He himself can make excuses that it is difficult for him, that he has his own problems, while in fact he is simply not ready for a normal relationship.

4. He does not introduce you to his loved ones.

Emotionally unavailable people prefer to divide their lives into parts. They don’t want to mix their social circles. Sometimes they don’t even introduce their parents to their friends.

5. He lives in the present.

An emotionally unavailable man will not want to discuss the prospects of your relationship. And he doesn’t care how it makes you feel.

6. He often says that he values ​​his independence.

Maybe he often hints that he loves to live alone, that he never wants to get married or does not imagine what it would be like to be with only one woman all his life. Listen to him. Take his word for it, because that’s what he means.

7. You are unsure about your relationship.

He doesn’t want a serious relationship. But instead of directly telling you about it, he just keeps you hooked, so you hope he changes. He seems to pay attention to you, but you are still not sure of his intentions. And you can’t ask him about it either – he will definitely leave the conversation.

8. He may not call or write to you for several days.

When someone really likes you, they don’t want to risk losing you. A mature man will stay in touch even if he is too busy to meet. He will ask how your day went, he will find opportunities to meet.

Life is too short to be spent on those who avoid serious conversations and do not know what they want. An emotionally unavailable man is unlikely to change. You better find someone who is honest and sincere.

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