Jun 10, 2022
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8 rules of strong and confident people

8 rules of strong and confident people

Very often we have everything – education, money, position in society. But it happens that there is no the most important thing – health and happiness. Sometimes, in order to be happy and healthy, you just need to put your inner world in order, that is, our thoughts. There is some system that will help us with this. This article is about the rules of this system.

1. Don’t dwell on bad thoughts

Create a piggy bank of good memories in your memory and often return to the good things that happened in your life, but without regrets, but only with the joyful realization that it was, which means it stayed with you forever. Dream good. Make plans, learn to see the good in the life around you and not focus on the bad.

2. Learn to forgive

A person who carries a whole mountain of grievances in himself cannot be healthy. Forgiveness is a farewell to the bitterness of resentment, to pain, to sad memories, to everything bad and unwanted that happened in your life. Do not hold grudges against offenders and enemies, do not hatch plans for revenge. Remember that the best revenge is neglect. Neglect insults and offenders, do not carry them in yourself, do not think about them, and you will always be healthy.

3. Learn everything you do to have fun

When eating food, think not about how useful it is and how necessary it is to get enough, but only about the fact that you are doing this for your own pleasure. When we try to enjoy food, we automatically begin to eat food correctly, that is, to chew it properly, slowly, for a long time, without haste. While doing physical exercises, also think only about your own pleasure. Do not overload yourself, forcing you to train when it is not possible. Remember: only what is done with pleasure is useful. Everything else is harmful.

Think often about what you can please yourself with, but beware of false joys. Sometimes a person thinks that by overeating, he thus pleases himself. This is self-deception. Indeed, after such a “joy”, it usually becomes not at all joyful and very bad for both the body and the soul. Remember: true joy is that joy that, passing, leaves behind a pleasant memory and a good, joyful feeling of well-being. Stick to such joys and choose for yourself only such pleasures that do not turn into a bad side later – torments of the soul and body. And then the whole life will gradually become joy.

4. Learn to see people around you who are even worse off than you are now.

Learn to empathize with them and inspire them with faith and optimism. But do not humiliate them with pity. Pitying a person, we only strengthen him in his distress. Better believe in him, that he will have the strength to get out of his misfortunes and illnesses. Learn to help such people to the best of your ability, but not to the detriment of yourself and your interests. When you help others without hurting yourself, you are helping yourself.

5. Learn to act like everything is fine with you.

No matter how you really are and what your health really is.

What we think of ourselves is what we become – don’t forget that! You should not turn your behavior into window dressing, showing other people that everything is fine with you. Do it not for others, but for yourself, even when you are alone. When we hold our heads high and tell ourselves that we are doing well, we are attracting well-being into our lives with our positive thoughts.

6. Never tell yourself “I can’t” – no matter what.

Better say, “I don’t want to.” When we say “I can’t”, we limit our own possibilities very much. And very often behind these words we hide not our own inability to do this, but only our own unwillingness and self-doubt. If it seems to you that you can’t do something, try not to think too much about whether you can do it or not, but rather try to start doing it without thinking. You will be surprised to find that you can actually do a lot – much more than you yourself thought.

Do it, don’t say “I can’t”! And see what you can! By saying “I can’t” we thus set a limit, a ceiling above which we cannot rise. And human possibilities are almost limitless. You don’t have to limit yourself. Starting to do without thinking “I can – I can’t”, we become stronger in spirit and body, as we expand our capabilities, master new horizons for ourselves, which makes us believe in ourselves and treat ourselves with respect.

7. Remember that neither luck, nor defeat, nor illness, nor health arise from nowhere.

Man is created from what he did and what he thought in the past. This is what our present is made of. And now, in the present, we are laying the sprouts of our future. Everything that a person thinks, what he believes in, what he does now, the future will be formed from all this. Whether you are healthy or not is the result of what you have done in the past. Whether you will be strong or weak in the future depends on what you believe, what you think and how you act in the present. The system of health and success is needed in order to change your present in the most favorable direction – to change thoughts, deeds, actions, faith. By changing our present in a favorable direction with the help of positive thoughts, we are laying a healthy and happy future.

8. Change

Just as water changes its shape according to the vessel it enters, so all the molecules that make up the cells of our body change their state according to our thoughts, our actions and our faith.

If thoughts and actions are filled with optimism and faith, then the cells change their state towards health, harmony, compliance with the laws of nature, and the healing forces of the body begin to work at full capacity.

You must believe that the strength of your spirit will be able to withstand all adversity.

Where there is faith, there is usually truth. There health and success. There is true strength and immortality of the spirit. There is happiness in unity with the beautiful majestic and omnipotent Nature. Live in accordance with the laws of nature – and become omnipotent and beautiful, like herself.

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