Aug 17, 2022
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8 recommendations if bloating during early pregnancy

8 recommendations if bloating during early pregnancy

Such an ailment as bloating during pregnancy is a fairly common problem that occurs in expectant mothers. You can deal with it with the help of the following helpful tips:

How to get rid of bloating in a pregnant woman in the early stages

1. It is recommended to do a light abdominal massage. You need to make stroking movements clockwise while massaging the abdomen. Then you need to find a point that is located between the navel and the lower edge of the sternum, and press it lightly for one to two minutes.

2. The use of heat is efficient. To do this, fill linen bags with chamomile flowers, warm them in the oven, put them on your stomach, cover with a blanket and lie down for half an hour.

3. Freshly brewed tea is perfect. It is better to choose herbal tea, in which you can add mint, anise or cumin. Tasty and healthy!

4. It is recommended to give up on table talk. It would seem, well, what harm can a conversation during a meal? However, it has been scientifically proven that about 70% of the air in the gastrointestinal tract is air swallowed during a conversation.

5. It is necessary to chew food thoroughly. Thanks to this, she will quickly assimilate and digest, saving the expectant mother from flatulence.

6. To facilitate the work of the digestive system, it is best to eat in small portions, but often, about 6 times a day.

7. It is necessary to temporarily abandon products that contribute to increased gas formation. The list of such products includes: legumes, black bread, carbonated drinks, cabbage, as well as eating too many vegetables and fruits.

8. Dietary enzymes, which should be taken before meals, help to improve the digestion of food by the pancreas. These enzymes contain mezim-forte, pankeatin and festal. They also help with heartburn. But you need to start taking them only after consulting a doctor.

If bloating was observed not only in the early stages but also before pregnancy, then most likely the reason is malnutrition and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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