Apr 8, 2021
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73-year-old Tatyana Vasilyeva admitted that she was subjected to domestic violence by her spouses

18:59, 04/08/2021

The actress advised Olga Buzova to be more careful with marriage.

People’s Artist of Russia Tatiana Vasilyeva will become one of the main characters in the upcoming edition of BB Show. In a conversation with presenter Olga Buzova and experts in the studio, the actress will talk frankly about her husbands, infidelity and how she faced domestic violence. Also, the air will raise the issue of feminism and marriage.

Experts in the studio during the program pounced on the famous actress with questions about her husbands, among whom were artist Nikas Safronov, actor Georgy Martirosyan and Anatoly Vasiliev. It is worth noting that Tatiana spoke warmly about her spouses. However, she admitted that her marriages fell apart because she always worked alone and her husbands did nothing. After that, the People’s Artist decided to speak out on the topic of feminism.

Tatiana Vasilieva

“I believe that feminism is a road to nowhere. I’m not a feminist at all. I need a man who will do what I do not know how, and in this he will be a genius. For the sake of a genius I am ready to be silent, wash his socks and listen to the answers to my stupid questions, ”Tatyana Grigorievna said frankly.

The discussion on the topic of feminism smoothly spilled over into the topic of domestic violence. Tatyana Vasilyeva admitted that her husbands raised a hand to her, but because of her Russian mentality, the actress did not report this to the police. After her revelation, the artist faced a wave of condemnation from Olga Buzova and studio experts, who consider the position “beats, it means loves” wrong.

Tatyana Vasilyeva with her ex-husband Georgy Martirosyan

Olga Buzova also asked Tatyana Vasilyeva why matriarchy prevails in her life. Answering this question, the People’s Artist, in a conversation with the host of the show, warned Olga against rash marriage. The actress advised Buzova to look for a future man not among actors and football players.

Recall that Tatyana Vasilyeva has already admitted that her second husband Georgy Martirosyan raised his hand to her. The former spouses met at the Satire Theater, where both worked. Together they played in the play “Capercaillie’s Nest”. At that time, Tatyana was still married to her first husband Anatoly Vasiliev, so the actors restrained their feelings. When Tatyana divorced her husband, Georgy immediately proposed to her. They lived together until 1995, and then, unexpectedly for everyone, divorced. A little later, the people’s artist said that she had decided to part with Georgy Martirosyan because of his infidelity. Then she said that her husband cheated on her when she was pregnant. The People’s Artist admitted that his mistress called her and talked about how good she was with George. Some time later, the actress said that her ex-husband beat her and raised his hand to her son. It is worth noting that Georgy Martirosyan has repeatedly refuted the words of the ex-wife.

Tatyana Vasilieva with her son Philip and his family

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