Apr 18, 2021
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73-year-old Mikhail Shufutinsky admitted that he underwent spinal surgery

13:58, 04/18/2021

The artist spoke about health problems in the show “Secret in a Million”.

Last saturday Mikhail Shufutinsky became a guest of the program “Secret for a Million” from Leroy Kudryavtseva… In the studio of the show, the topic of health was raised – for example, the 73-year-old musician admitted that he had recently undergone major spinal surgery. According to the artist, at some point he began to feel paralysis and numbness of his hands with a sharp tilt of his head. Alarming symptoms forced Mikhail Zakharovich to seek medical help.

On the air of the program, Shufutinsky spoke in more detail about the diagnosis, which was eventually given to him by the doctors. According to the musician, his state of health at the time of arrival at the clinic almost reached a critical point. “This is a laminectomy – done on the top of the spine. I had to remove three vertebrae, because the doctor said: there were literally five millimeters left and that’s it, ”Mikhail Zakharovich shared. It is noteworthy that the artist’s treatment took place at the American Hospital. Shufutinsky was seen by one of the best surgeons in the United States, as he has insurance. The operation was able to significantly improve the musician’s well-being. “It is customary to consider the state as a percentage, and it helped me by 65%,” the artist said.

Mikhail Shufutinsky with Lera Kudryavtseva in the show “Secret to a Million”

Also in the studio “Secret for a Million” Mikhail Zakharovich admitted that a sick spine is only one of the components of his health problems. Shufutinsky said that in addition to this, he suffers from metabolic syndrome – a complex metabolic disorder, in which the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes is increased. Due to the illness, the artist is recommended to be regularly checked for gout, diabetes and prostatitis. However, as the musician admitted, now he does not follow these instructions. “I rarely go to doctors. You have to live and understand that everything comes to an end, ”Mikhail Zakharovich explained his position.

By the way, despite numerous health problems, Shufutinsky said last month that do not mind becoming a father again… However, the artist noted that at his age, replenishment in the family is accompanied by additional difficulties. “This is a responsibility when a very small creature appears, and you yourself need care, and after a while you will not be able to do something without outside help, and you also have a child,” the musician explained. Mikhail Zakharovich added that the issue is complex, but he is working on it together with his young wife. Svetlana Urazova

Mikhail Shufutinsky with his wife Svetlana

Recall that rumors about Shufutinsky’s romance with 43-year-old dancer Svetlana began to gain momentum a few years after of deaththe musician’s previous wife Margaritas… The musician was very upset by the death of his beloved and did not appear for a long time. It was Urazova who helped the artist cope with grief. At that time, the future darling of the star danced in his team and actively supported Mikhail Zakharovich during a difficult period for him. Soon, a warm friendship between colleagues grew into a romance.

Shufutinsky and Urazova did not hide the relationship from the public. The lovers began to go out together, and also did not hesitate to demonstrate their feelings for each other in public. The couple officially formalized their union in September last year. Musician about a joyful event reported on air show “Hi Andrew!”… It is noteworthy that for Mikhail Zakharovich this marriage was the third.

Mikhail Shufutinsky with his late wife Margarita and their son

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