Dec 31, 2020
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73-year-old Bari Alibasov, hospitalized after falling down stairs, was discharged from the hospital

Now the health of the producer is not in danger.

The day before, there was information that 73-year-old Bari Alibasov had regular health problems. So, the police opened the door to the producer’s apartment because of the cries for help. Later PR manager of the star Vadim Gorzhankin said that Alibasov was hospitalized with injuries in one of the capital’s hospitals. It was assumed that the producer of the Na-Na group had severe leg bruises. It was also possible that his ribs were broken and that a concussion of the brain could be diagnosed. Nevertheless, everything worked out, and today Alibasov has already been discharged from the hospital.

Now Bari Alibasov’s health is not threatened. After an examination at a medical facility, the producer returned home. As PR-director of the producer Vadim Gorzhankin said, falling down the stairs did without fractures. The artist escaped with bruises and abrasions. Earlier Gorzhankin reported that the producer was not feeling well, so he could not clearly say how he fell down the stairs and from which one, given that he always takes the elevator in the house and does not walk.

Bari Alibasov

Vadim Gorzhankin also noted that after being discharged Alibasov faced some difficulties. So, now the music producer eats dietary products mainly in liquid form, reports “FAN”. By the way, even before being discharged from the hospital, Bari Karimovich could not even drink water.

Earlier, Vadim Gorozhankin reported that the reason for the emergency arrival of doctors to Bari Alibasov was difficulties with a spasm in the throat. After the doctors gave the producer a pill, Alibasov was left at home alone. After some time, the producer again called an ambulance. However, when the doctors arrived, no one opened the door for them. Nevertheless, with the help of law enforcement officers, doctors managed to come to the aid of the producer. By the way, the son of Bari Alibasov believes that an attempt could have been made on his father – he was either beaten or thrown down the stairs. Therefore, Alibasov Jr. intends to contact the police.

Bari Alibasov with his son

By the way, director Bari Alibasova believes that the main reason for the artist’s divorce from Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina was the issue of housing. Vadim Gorzhankin continues to claim that the artist herself gave her husband an apartment, and then began to demand it back. By that time, the producer had already managed to sell the house to his assistant and even spent some of the money on treatment. After the apartment had to be returned, Bari Karimovich found himself in a difficult position.

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