Jan 8, 2021
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71-year-old Alla Pugacheva came to the celebration of Christmas in a top with bare shoulders

13:28, 01/08/2021

The prima donna continues to experiment with the wardrobe.

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Despite the fact that Alla Pugacheva calls herself “an old sick woman”, at 71 she never ceases to amaze the public with how she managed to lose weight, then with stylish outfits. So, for the celebration of Christmas, the Prima Donna came in a top with open shoulders, high-waisted pants and stylish ankle boots. One of the main Christian holidays, the singer, together with her husband Maxim Galkin, was visiting her old friends Alexandra and Go dostman… The Yudashkin family, Alexander Buinov and others were also present at the celebration.

Alexander Buinov published a photo from the celebration of Christmas

The prima donna has noticeably lost weight and freshened up over the past few years. Pugacheva regularly appears in outfits that emphasize her figure. It turned out that the singer has her own nutritionist, who carefully monitors her diet. It was with the help of a specialist that Alla Borisovna was able to get rid of 20 extra pounds.

On the eve of her 70th birthday, Pugacheva became a guest of Oleg Menshikov’s YouTube show. For the first time in the past 10 years, the star decided to have a public heart-to-heart talk and gave a long interview to the artistic director of the Yermolova Theater. In particular, Alla Borisovna made fun of the haters who criticize her for how she has aged.

“Yes, I’m old. And I can’t do anything about it. And I will not say that I have a young soul either. Yes, I am getting old. You already go to bed and think: “Wake up”. You get up – you think: “So, you have to sit so that your head does not spin, suddenly you will fall again.” Yesterday we were in the Far East. I don’t remember the last time I drank wine. I thought, let me have a drink. And a pill at the same time. There are charms, in short. There is no need to laugh at them, it is funny in itself, ”Pugacheva said.

Alla Pugacheva is not shy about going to mini

Recall that Alla Pugacheva is about 20 years happy with Maxim Galkin, who is 27 years younger than her. The singer’s and showman’s romance began in 2001, four years later they moved in, and in 2011 they officially registered their relationship. In 2013, the couple became the parents of twins Lisa and Harry. Children were artificially conceived from the frozen egg of Alla Pugacheva. According to Diva, she froze the biomaterial when she was 52 years old. Then the artist was still physiologically capable of conceiving a child. After the wedding, Pugacheva delighted her husband with the news that they might have common children. After artificial insemination, the twins were carried and given birth by a surrogate mother. Then Alla was 64 years old, and Maxim was 36 years old. In 2017, Pugacheva and Galkin got married.

The star family lives in a castle in the village of Gryaz near Moscow. By the way, in 2019 there were rumors that Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva bought real estate in Cyprus. The media disseminated photos of the allegedly luxurious three-story mansion of the star couple. The publication, then still owned by Andrei Malakhov, reported that Pugacheva and Galkin purchased real estate in Limalos two years ago, investing 2.3 million euros. The interlocutors of the journalists, employees of the Cypriot agency, said that repair work is currently underway in the cottage.

Maxim Galkin, in his microblog on Instagram, denied all the above information and criticized Andrei Malakhov, who allowed him to publish false information in his magazine. Maxim also denied information that he was building a chapel on the territory of their castle with Alla Pugacheva in the village of Gryaz near Moscow. It was reported that the showman bought several plots adjacent to the house in order to build a small Orthodox church. “I’m going to build just a gazebo – drink tea in the morning – and in no case read our newspapers,” the artist said.

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva with children Lisa and Harry

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