Aug 27, 2022
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70-year-old virgin Anatoly Wasserman spoke about sex


Political scientist Anatoly Wasserman spoke about his sexual life.

In winter, Anatoly Aleksandrovich will turn 70 years old. Despite his considerable age, the intellectual was never married and was not even in a fleeting relationship. Even in his student years, he vowed to enter into an intimate relationship with women.

Anatoly Wasserman openly admits to being a virgin. While still a student, he signed up for a dispute, which he later called youthful stupidity.

I argued that all the restrictions of mankind on sexual life, if they had any meaning, are not relevant now. And the sooner we get them over with, the better. My opponent held the opposite point of view, they say, no, this is for myself. I decided to prove that it was not for myself, and said: “I won’t live a sexual life at all“, – recalls the erudite.

Anatoly Wasserman - photo from the archive -
Anatoly Wasserman – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The star of intellectual shows keeps his word to this day, despite his serious age. 69-year-old Wasserman notes that it is too late for him to change something in the sphere of intimate life.

I’m afraid that at my age it may simply not work out for purely technical reasons. There is no desire. I have enough other troubles”, he said on the Diana Kadi YouTube channel.

Anatoly Alexandrovich does not regret the decision. According to him, he simply does not know what he has lost, and therefore does not see a reason for worrying. However, a man is familiar with the feeling of falling in love. During the school period, Wasserman dreamed of a certain Lena.

Moved to another school and lost sight of her. I am an uncommunicative person, and when I change my social circle, I forget the old ones.“, he told reporters earlier.

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