Apr 23, 2022
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7 Ways to Punish a Child that Really Work

7 Ways to Punish a Child that Really Work

Do you still grab your belt or scream hysterically in response to innocent pranks? Stop this thankless job now!

1. Energy redirection

Leave the child alone with a puzzle, coloring or puzzle, make a time limit and do not let him do something else until the task is solved.

2. Bank for punishment

Fill an empty jar with colorful and necessarily crumpled pieces of paper describing various punishments. Pulled out – read – got what he deserved. Too tough? Okay, add 5 “lucky tickets” with the inscription “Mercy” and may good luck be with the little prankster!

3. The sooner the better

Every time the child is naughty, send him to bed 10 minutes earlier. Has your behavior changed dramatically? Let him walk for 10 minutes longer.

4 Toy Prison

Make a “prison” for toys out of the box and put your favorite doll or car there. As chief prosecutor, you choose the length of your sentence.

5. Technique “Only I choose when you cry”

Hysteria and pouted lips ordered? As a punishment, you tell the child when and how much he can be capricious – say, 17 minutes in the bathroom for the first time is enough.

6. Repeat effect

Any action will have to be performed several times in a row – the number is at your discretion. In addition, if you wash the floor 7 times, it will definitely become cleaner.

7. Magical “Forgive me”

Works great with broken cups, scattered beads and other small details. An ingenious way to instill accuracy is to apologize to each fragment and ball individually. 100% guarantee!

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