Sep 13, 2022
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7 “unlucky” plants for the house


Many houses have magnificent flowers, but not all are ordinary colorful decorations. Some may be energy vampires, sucking the life force out of their hosts.

Here are some plants it is better not to keep in your home in order to protect your family and yourself.


These flowers are known for their popularity, but they can easily steal energy from people. True, they attract both positive and negative energy to themselves, which can partly do good service. Moreover, when the plant shares what it took away, it keeps the negative, giving back a small part of the positive. But you should not keep more than one such flower at home, so as not to disturb the energy exchange.


These seemingly harmless flowers can provoke scandals. They are dangerous because of their unexpectedness, because for a long time they can give peace and order to the house, and then dramatically change their energy. Keep lilies where you rarely visit – for example, in the country.


These flowers are good in front gardens and garden plots. They can beautifully arrange a flower garden, you can decorate a fern with flowers on Ivan Kupala. But experts do not recommend keeping it at home: it absorbs oxygen, releasing carbon dioxide, which means it can reward you with a headache.


This flower smells very delicious, it is even used in perfumery, but this advantage cannot be compared with its disadvantage. He instigates betrayal. If you are married and do not want problems, it is better to give up this flower once and for all.


This representative of the world of flora does not like it very much when someone scandalizes in his presence, pouring out negativity. This flower takes everything to the last drop, giving it back later. If you often have someone quarreling at home, you risk never getting rid of the constant influx of negative energy.


In some cases, the smell of this incredibly beautiful flower can cause dizziness. If you have small children at home, then in no case do not buy oleander as a decoration.

Steller’s dwarf

From this Japanese flower comes one big danger to small children and animals. The sap of the plant can cause health problems, which can be very dangerous for children!

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