Oct 21, 2021
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7 things we confuse with love

7 things we confuse with love

Moments not to be confused with love

7 things we confuse with love:

1. When you feel comfortable and safe

Of course, these feelings must exist in love. Finding safety more attractive can be easier than listening to your wild and crazy heart. This is quite understandable. But staying with someone, simply because you are calm and familiar, is not the same as love.

2. Sexual attraction

Have you ever been close to someone for whom you felt such a strong attraction, as if you were attracted by a magnet? It’s incredible. But if it’s all about physical intimacy, you can’t build a relationship on that.

3. You have a lot in common

You love the same music, movies, actors, writers, maybe even root for the same team. This is great. But this does not mean that you are half of each other. It just means that you both have great taste.

4. When you are nostalgic for the past

It is natural to recall past pleasant memories, regret a little, think, and what would happen if. As humans, we tend to torment and reproach ourselves a little. When everything is not very good in the present, we remember how it was and think that it was better. Nostalgia is normal. But don’t mistake it for love. You are unlikely to still love your ex. Your brain is just trying to trick you.

5. When you get what you wanted for a long time

Do you know the feeling when you want someone who doesn’t even notice you for a long time? It eats you up. It’s like you’re at school again. But when this person finally pays attention to you, you may think that it is she – love. But you just really wanted him to notice you.

6. Being with someone after a long time alone

We all want relationships, affection, attention. As the song says: “If you cannot be with the one you love, love the one you are with.” But such love will quickly pass. Because she’s not real.

7. When you are in love, but not in love

It’s very hard. Loving and caring for someone does not necessarily mean that you are in love. This can be difficult to discern. Falling in love is felt somewhere deep inside. This is a feeling that you cannot evoke in yourself. Even if you love a person.

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