May 3, 2022
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7 Stone Age parenting methods that are still relevant today

7 Stone Age parenting methods that are still relevant today

It is not enough to give birth to a child, you still need to raise a person out of him, and this has never been an easy task. Some techniques from the Stone Age are so effective that they are still used today. What is this?

Drawing games

A cave was found in France, the walls of which are covered with patterns made only by children’s hands. They were covered with dirt, on which the kids ran their fingers – a reliable method for developing hand motor skills, imagination, and information transfer.

Babies carried with them while working

First, there is contact with the mother and the child is calm. Secondly, it will not be lost and no predator will drag it away. Thirdly, do not be torn between taking care of the baby and doing household chores.

Joint games of different ages

Children do not necessarily need toys, babies of all races play so well with each other. If there are children of different ages on the playground, they will learn from each other and develop faster.

Old people are the best educators

An elderly person cannot work with full dedication, but he has a wealth of experience. An ideal candidate for teaching children – he will convey wisdom, teach real skills, and look after him.

Feeding bottle

Breastfeeding depends on many factors and is not always available. But as early as 5,000 years ago, people began to make milk vessels specially adapted for babies. This is proved by the shape and traces of dairy products inside.

Comfort for the whole family

The baby cannot say what is bothering him, so you need to create the most comfortable conditions so that crying appears only as a signal of something important, and is not a false alarm. Therefore, the parents tried to console the baby, so as not to worry about how much in vain.

Do as I do

The best way to teach something is to show by example. In the literal sense, take a child’s hand and control it, showing movements. Most of the work of people in the Stone Age is manual work, so this was very relevant.

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