Apr 27, 2022
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7 Signs You’re a Toxic Mom

7 Signs You're a Toxic Mom

It is believed that parents are the closest people. But it happens that it is they who carry the most poison into the life of a child. Stop and analyze. Maybe you are already making these mistakes.

Signs of a Toxic Mom

1. You criticize everything.

Would you be able to live with a person who always doesn’t like everything? Support the child. Don’t constantly lower his self-esteem. Thus, you will bring up not a leader, but a hunted animal.

2. You violate personal boundaries.

Don’t you think it’s terrible when a mother doesn’t let her baby breathe. Always eavesdropping on conversations, peeping and never knocking before entering. These mothers also see nothing wrong with rummaging through their child’s things and reading his messages on social networks.

3. You give little praise

He won’t stop trying if you praise him. Better give him the motivation to move on with your nice words.

4. You think your child is doing everything to spite you.

The child does not walk around to spite you, cannot understand the task simply because it is difficult for him. Stop thinking that the child is to blame for his birth. It was you who initiated his birth.

5. You compare the child

“Aunt Marina Masha is doing well, and you, as always,” does a loving mother seem like that? Stop lowering your child’s self-esteem. No one will become a leader if he has been told all his life that he is mediocrity.

6. You try to be your child’s friend.

Do not compete with your child’s friends – this is superfluous. Be a mom who is always happy to listen and help, but at the same time maintains a clear chain of command.

7. You are manipulating

You cry for the child to do what you want. You can talk about sleepless nights, wasted nerves, your hunger and cold for the sake of your child, but he, ungrateful, does not want to listen to you. Did the child ask you to give birth? – Not. Then why these eternal fairy tales.

We are sure that you want the best for your child. Just do not overdo it and do not become a poisonous fury instead of a caring mom.

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