Oct 18, 2021
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7 reasons why a woman’s body needs a foot massage

7 reasons why a woman's body needs a foot massage

Foot massage is more than just fun or relaxation technique

Reflexology by massaging specific points on the feet is one of the ways everyone can maintain their health.

A foot massage is more than just fun or a relaxation technique. It has more important health benefits based on reflexology. It is a safe and completely natural way to improve your quality of life by stimulating nerves, each of which branches out into different organs and glands in the body.

7 benefits of a foot massage for your health:

Relieves stress. A five-minute foot massage daily can help reduce stress levels, blood pressure, and heart rate, according to major research.

Pain relieves. Foot massage has been shown to relieve pain, including after surgery and caesarean section.

Helps with cancer. A foot massage helped cancer patients get rid of not only pain, but also nausea, according to a study conducted by scientists. They reported a dramatic reduction in the physical symptoms associated with cancer and treatment.

Relieves multiple sclerosis. GA group of Iranian researchers have found that reflexology can alleviate the debilitating fatigue that many people with multiple sclerosis suffer from.

Reduces blood pressure. Science has shown that hypertension is another disease that can be successfully treated with reflexology foot massage.
Eases PMS symptoms. According to a study published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, women who underwent reflexology, including foot massage, reported less PMS symptoms compared to the placebo group.

Relieves puffiness. Turkish doctors found that regular foot massage had a positive effect on the swelling associated with pregnancy. Moreover, the women in the massage groups had a noticeably smaller leg circumference.

How to massage your feet

Apply a small amount of warm lotion or olive oil to your foot.

Start massaging with your thumbs from your fingertips and slowly work your way up to your ankle. Return to your toes and rub lightly. Repeat 2 or more times.

Massage the sole of your foot. Start at the tips of your toes and lower your thumbs firmly to your heel. Return towards your toes and rub the bottom of your foot with your thumbs. Repeat 2 or more times.

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