Jan 23, 2021
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7 powerful tricks to make your curls look awesome

7 powerful tricks to make your curls look awesome

Curly hair is both a gift and a curse (the owners of curls will understand me)! You can’t just wash your hair, dry it and go about business – in a few minutes your hair will resemble a haystack …

We hasten to assure you that curly hair can look chic and be the envy of you if you follow a few simple rules.

To cleanse curly hair, use a mild shampoo or 1: 1 mixed with conditioner. Choose products that are high in keratin.

Immediately after washing, while the hair is damp, comb it with a sparse-toothed comb, being careful not to fluff too much. This will facilitate further styling.

Do not pull out wet hair: you risk breaking its structure. After washing, simply pat dry with a towel without rubbing or pulling. You’d better give up the massage brush.

Curly hair is best dried naturally. If using a hair dryer is a must, choose a model with a diffuser. This nozzle distributes warm air more evenly, helping to create neat curls.

Apply a leave-in conditioner to the strands before styling. The structure of curly hair is porous, so it is quite difficult to “weigh” them down. This product moisturizes well and protects from the effects of hot air. Curly hair styling.

Trim the ends regularly so they don’t turn into a washcloth over time. Lubricate them with coconut oil before washing for extra care.

The choice of styling for curly hair depends on the weather. If it is cloudy and drizzling outside the window, do not waste your time on a complicated hairstyle: your hair will still start to frizz.

Apply an indelible moisturizer to your hair and tie a loose knot: pull the elastic band on the back of your head and twist the strands, securing them with invisibility. Slouchy curls will liven up the look.

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