Apr 30, 2022
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7 main emotions that lead to illness

7 main emotions that lead to illness

The causes of some dangerous diseases lie much deeper than we can imagine. The 7 main emotions that lead to illness must be banished from your mind and life, because they are so often the source of all troubles.

Constant sadness poisons the air

Even 100 years ago, the doctor’s diagnosis of “death from longing” was common and did not raise questions. In our time, many have forgotten that intense sadness can kill in a short time. Sadness and joy are present in our lives, being an integral part of it. But deep-seated, unspoken, corroding sadness or resentment on the subtle plane occupies the entire place in life, forcing you to constantly think about its cause, only “breathe” it. This condition gradually leads to damage to the lungs of both the person who does not let go of the situation, and his loved ones. No wonder despondency is one of the seven deadly sins, along with murder.

In order to continue a full life and make room for happiness in it, you need to let go of the cause of constant sadness. One of the best ways is a conspiracy from longing. After all, no matter what happened in the past, life must go on.

Anger is an explosive device

Have you noticed that during a violent quarrel or pent-up anger, but boiling inside, the right side of the body becomes slightly numb, the stomach contracts, and a bitter taste appears on the tongue? The reason for this is that anger, like an explosive device, tears apart the energy of the chakra, which is responsible for will and calmness. It is located in the abdominal region. The destructive energy of anger after the explosion becomes heavier and, as it were, settles along the edges of the abdominal region, creating an energy block. This sooner or later leads to severe liver damage.

Envy will kill joy and love

Envying someone else’s success or unexpected joy, we think: “That’s lucky! I would like that!” Alas, few people know that the Universe does not delimit such an emotionally strong, but vague message. And instead of blessings, the envious person takes away all the hidden problems, illnesses and misfortunes of the one whom he envied. A huge ball of negative energy hits the astral and physical body, causing numerous diseases. First of all, biological filters suffer: the liver and kidneys.

The conclusion suggests itself: do not envy. Sometimes no one knows how hard and with what losses a person got his success and happiness. Sincere joy for another will allow you to share the positive energy of happiness with him, attracting it into your life.

Wasted tears attract sorrow

Tears are a very powerful process that helps us to throw out of ourselves overflowing emotions. But a strong remedy is good in exceptional cases. If you shed tears for any petty and insignificant reason, you can cause damage to the heart and heart membrane. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to learn to control yourself and laugh more often, switching most of your emotions from tears to laughter.

Fear drains life force

Fear of the unknown future or events from the past paralyzes our energetic defenses, making us vulnerable. The chakra responsible for will and protection begins to work incorrectly, catching and holding energy instead of allowing it to flow freely further. Sooner or later, such a powerful block leads to the overflow of the chakra with heavy energy. On the physical body, this leads to diabetes mellitus, gallbladder disease, and stomach ulcers.

You can get rid of fear if you find support in life, something or someone who gives you strength and faith. A good way out of the captivity of fear is to have an honest conversation about it with loved ones.

Excessive joy will not bring happiness

We know that positive emotions are good. They support us throughout our lives, help us make and develop friendships, build relationships with family and loved ones. But even joy is not always beneficial.

“The heart rejoices to the point of pain”, “the heart shrinks with happiness”, “joy entered the heart like an arrow” – each of us experienced the meaning of these phrases at least once. After a surge of stormy joy from some event, you feel devastated. Doctors have proven that excessive emotions lead to heart disease, in particular, to a heart attack. At the energy level, this is easily explained: the heart chakra is responsible for all the feelings and emotions in our subtle body, called the astral one. When we violently express emotions of joy, this chakra can not cope with the huge flow of energy sharply directed into it, cannot withstand the pressure and push the vital energy nowhere. This is what leads to heart disease.

Practices and spiritual Teachers call for a constant balance in any emotion, whether it be joy or sadness. This need for balance is best shown in the legend of King Solomon’s ring. “Everything passes. And this, too, shall pass,” was embossed on that ring. This phrase is perfect for forming an attitude to any life situation: indeed, there is nothing eternal and unchanging.

Immeasurable concern for children will bring parents to the grave

Children come into this world, albeit helpless, but independent individuals with their own Destiny. If parents continue to take care of them too much even after achieving independence, then the vital forces flow away in a stormy stream, affecting the physical body with cancerous diseases. The same applies to any person who is shown too much care. It is necessary to release children into adulthood, allowing them to gain their experience through the necessary mistakes and obstacles.

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