Sep 15, 2020
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7 laws and mantras of success for every day

7 laws and mantras of success for every day

Everyone can achieve success, regardless of gender, age and origin. Practitioners say that we set up barriers and obstacles for ourselves, and we need to periodically break internal stereotypes, freeing our minds with the help of mantras.

There are many mantras that help people achieve their goals and objectives, open towards happiness and free thoughts from everything that hinders development. Experts suggest holding your own seven-day marathon so that at the end of it you will feel not only lightness and a positive attitude, but also the desire to move mountains on the way to personal happiness and success.

There are 7 basic laws that correspond to each day of the week, which means that from Monday you can start not running and not active physical activity, which most of us leave for later, but reading mantras. The classes will not take much time, but they will allow you to tune your mind to victory.

The law of exchange is valid on Monday, and it is this day of the week that is dedicated to breathing. Inhalation and exhalation help exchange with the outside world, when inhaling a person accepts, and exhaling - lets go. The inner attitude is simple: inhalation brings life-giving force, and exhalation - liberation from everything superficial. As soon as the breathing becomes measured, the mantra is recited:

Om Vardhanam Namah.

After reading three times, the exercise is completed by tuning in throughout the day to gratefully accept what the Universe gives, and to easily let go of everything that no longer matters for a happy present and future.

On Tuesday, the law of responsibility or karma comes into force. The exercise begins with breathing, keeping in mind the idea that every decision you make should be balanced, based on the arguments of reason, not emotions. Tuesday's mantra teaches you to listen to your heart and make those decisions that will lead to a happy future:

Om Kriyam Namah.

The mantra helps to accept the laws of the Universe, feed on its energy and easily make independent decisions, without being led by envious people and manipulators.

On Wednesday, the law of least effort is in effect, which encourages you not to waste time on negative energy. The mantra adjusts to an important thought - not to get attached to anything excessively, in order to painlessly part with things, life periods or people when the time comes. The recitation of the mantra begins after the alignment of the breath:

Om daksam namah.

The meaning of the mantra is that a person understands and accepts his life without reserve, rejoices at even small achievements and knows that much can be achieved without efforts and worries that only complicate the work.

Thursday is the day of intentions and desires. They are spoken and released without getting stuck. Intentions are formulated before starting the practice, formalizing the desire in words, clearly imagining the image of what is necessary for happiness. Then they read the mantra:

Om Ritam Namah.

The meaning of the mantra is this: my desires reach the Universe, and it willingly responds to my requests, fulfilling everything exactly. After completing the practice, the desire is released, tuning in to another beautiful day, which will bring many amazing discoveries.

Friday's law is dispassion. At the beginning of the practice, they come to the idea that it is pointless to chase the result if you do not immerse yourself in the process itself. Any achievement is based not on gaining benefits, but on intention. It is it that becomes the engine of progress and does not allow you to stumble along the way. The Friday mantra goes like this:

Om Anandham Namah.

The mantra helps to realize the simple truth - desires bring joy and freedom, because they do not depend on the result and do not cause excitement. A person who realizes this fact becomes free from prejudices, perceives things differently and does not fuss, doing work, allowing himself to develop regardless of the final result.

On the Sabbath day, the law of goals in life is in effect. It is on Saturday that a person realizes his strength and can reveal any creative abilities that will benefit not only himself, but also his environment. On this day of the week, the mantra is recited:

Om varunam namah.

Mantra reveals the inner world, helping to find the hidden corners of the soul, to reveal the sleeping abilities that are in everyone and us. Mantra helps you find your purpose and live in harmony with the world around you, absorbing knowledge and not stopping in development.

Sunday is the day of the law of pure potential. The practice begins in silence, freeing the mind from thoughts and feelings. Sunday is a time of observation, awareness of oneself in a huge world and readiness for a happy life, not clouded by imposed feelings, desires and actions. The mantra for Sunday is as follows:

Om bhavam namah.

The mantra allows you to start the path to happiness on your own, without relying on stereotypes and outside views. With this practice, the week ends with a sense of well-done work and well-deserved rest.

Each of the mantras is a kind of purification and transformation, when a person remains alone with himself, learns to understand personal needs, track his thoughts and not depend on outsiders. Such practices can be combined with meditations that open consciousness and allow you to draw the energy of the Universe.

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