May 12, 2022
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7 hobbies that can actually make you smarter

7 hobbies that can actually make you smarter

Most people believe that intelligence does not need to be developed. That it is given with birth, and you will always be a smart person. But this kind of thinking makes us believe that we cannot change who we are. The latest research confirms that you can increase your potential and general intelligence. How to do it?

Here are 7 useful hobbies that will help you become smarter:

1. Meditation

People engage in meditation to control their mind, get rid of stress and calm down. Thanks to her, the monks completely master their thoughts and emotions. This has been proven by scientists who have studied the Dalai Lama and his followers. Imagine that you will no longer feel fear or sadness in a difficult situation. Instead, be confident and optimistic. All this is possible if you practice meditation.

2. Learning a foreign language

Research has shown that bilingual people are significantly better at solving puzzles than those who only know one language. Each language has its own structure and way of thinking. And the impact on your brain of this other thinking expands its possibilities.

3. Reading books

It doesn’t matter what you read. In any case, this will benefit you:

  • reduces stress;
  • improves self-perception;
  • increases horizons;
  • allows you to know the world around you;
  • puts together puzzles and helps find solutions in everyday life.

4. Physical activity

Many people think that sports only help the body, not the mind. In fact, during exercise, your brain cells are exposed to a protein that enhances concentration, learning, and memory. It is important to exercise regularly, even if the load is small.

5. Mind training

There are so many ways to train your brain. You can download sudoku, puzzles, riddles, crosswords, etc. to your phone. Even video games make you think more.

All of these things increase your neuroplasticity. What it is? Neuroplasticity is the ability of your brain to reorganize and rewire. When he gets to know new things, he starts looking for different ways to solve problems. Thanks to this, you expand your knowledge and strengthen your general cognitive abilities.

6. Playing a musical instrument

This is one of the best ways to strengthen your brain. Numerous studies have shown that musicians have more developed motor skills, creative abilities and cognitive skills in general. No matter how old you are, you can become smarter if you master an instrument.

7. Cumulative learning

Cumulative (cumulative) learning is more effective than traditional learning. Pupils and students are used to learning something the night before an exam. This leads to the fact that we forget about everything when we rent it. Cumulative learning is the right way to learn. It ensures that you do not forget everything you have learned. What do we have to do? Review what you have learned periodically: not for long, but often.

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