Jan 10, 2022
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7 charities you can support right now

  • “Blizzard”Is an international non-governmental organization that helps people recover from back and skull injuries. This is the only foundation in Russia dealing with the rehabilitation of patients after neck fractures and other serious injuries, for families with disabled children and other socially vulnerable people. Rehabilitologists of “Blizzard” are not to be scared by sepsis, bedsores and other serious complications. There is no extra kindness, and everyone can help.

  • Foundation for Humane Action for 20 years she has been helping people with drug addiction, assisting in their rehabilitation, and is also engaged in educational activities. The goal of the organization is to improve the lives of people with addictions, to protect them from stigma, infection and social exclusion, and ultimately to defeat drugs.

  • Fund “I believe in miracles” has been operating in Kaliningrad since 2008. Here they help children with serious illnesses, health features, children from orphanages, as well as children from large and low-income families. Among their wards are 45 thousand children from the Kaliningrad region. The foundation also operates a hospice for children and young adults, “House of Fruppolo”, where they help those who can no longer be cured.

  • SMA Families Foundation helps families with children with spinal muscular atrophy. This is a rare genetic disorder that gradually takes away from children the ability to move, sit and even breathe. In the worst-case scenario, a child dies within two years without treatment. All the medicines that are available for this ailment cost many millions of rubles. Children should buy it at the expense of the large state fund “Krug of Kindness”, but adults often have to rely on themselves.

  • Children + Foundation helps children who have had to deal with HIV infection and other socially significant diseases. The purpose of the foundation is a normal childhood for special children, the employees of the foundation strive not only to help children grow and socialize without hindrance, but also to accept them in society.

  • Fund “Not in vain” is trying to reduce cancer deaths. The fund’s employees help to train competent oncologists, educate patients, develop IT solutions for better treatment, screening and prevention of oncological diseases. After all, it is early detection that can effectively treat cancer.

  • Foundation “Need help”Is a foundation that helps a variety of foundations. Over the past 6 years, they have managed to raise more than a billion rubles for various NGOs that would not have been able to cope on their own. Also, the fund is engaged in education, prints and publishes books, catalogs and evaluates the reputation of NGOs in order to separate fraudsters trying to make money on other people’s troubles. On their website, you can subscribe to a donation of any amount.

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