Apr 23, 2022
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7 Best Home Stash Ideas

7 Best Home Stash Ideas

Each of us worries about our savings and chooses at our discretion a place to store them. Some hide their savings under mattresses and in cabinets, others under carpets and in sets. But few people know that these are not the most reliable places to store money.

Today our editors will teach you how to hide money properly. No one calls for storing large sums in this way, but you can easily hide a small stash.

Where to keep money

In a hairbrush

Such a trick will be a great find for those who travel. Just remove the soft rubber base of the comb and you will see that there is still enough space under it for a small hiding place.

In a trouser belt

The design of the belts is the most diverse, so not everyone will succeed in such an undertaking. Before a long trip, it is worth rummaging through the wardrobe to find the right accessory. The stash for money, located at the waist, will be completely invisible to strangers.

In the drive

To date, progress has reached the point that few people use this device. So you can safely store banknotes in the drive built into the laptop.

In the cavity of the eaves

To make a hiding place in this place, it is enough to remove the cap or decorative tip from the edge of the eaves. It is unlikely that attackers will climb to the heights in search of money.

at the door

It will not be difficult for jacks of all trades to make such a cache! Its location is almost impossible to guess. Also, a door jamb will be a great place to store bills.

In plinth

Just remove the side plug from the baseboard and you will see that there is enough space for organizing a hiding place.

In the wall

To create this mini-safe, most likely, it will be necessary to involve craftsmen. But the result is worth it! It takes a lot of effort to find such a cache.

And here are the places where every attacker will look: refrigerator, trash can, cereal cans, kettles, sets, gas stove, drain tank, clothing pockets, books, places under mattresses and carpets, pillows and drawers with underwear or shoes.

We wish you to grow rich every day and save your savings in safe places!

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