Sep 22, 2022
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7 Benefits of a Dishwasher

7 Benefits of a DishwasherDishwasher

The real salvation from the daily routine and the age-old dispute “whose turn it is to wash the dishes” was the invention of the dishwasher. But before you feel all the advantages of the unit, you need to understand its functionality. Consider the main nuances of the choice in more detail.

Wash temperature

The maximum temperature of the water supplied from the sprinklers reaches 75-80 degrees. At the same time, the most comfortable for a person is about 40.

The machine can wash dishes even at 90 degrees, which ensures the most hygienic cleaning: fat is easily washed off, pathogenic microorganisms die.


Thanks to the “Delayed start” function, the appliance can wash dishes even at night. If you have a two-tariff meter, when the cost of electricity is cheaper at night, then this will significantly save budget costs. An additional plus is the quiet operation of the device. Its gentle rumble is barely audible.

Detergent savings

When washing by hand, we tend to use products that, as a result, have a negative effect on the skin of the hands. For the dishwasher, special tablets are used, which include detergent, rinse aid and salt, which acts as a water softener.

Individual approach

For each type of cookware, you can use the optimal mode. To do this, manufacturers have equipped the device with special programs that automatically select the intensity of washing and the optimal temperature.


Some do not use conventional drying, but mechanically wipe the dishes with a towel. A washing machine for dishes will save you from such household worries – after washing, it dries the contents on its own.


The average water consumption for one dishwashing cycle is 10-12 liters. For comparison: for washing dishes after 4 people, an average of 60 liters is used by hand.


With all the efforts, washing the dishes with your hands is much more problematic. This is due to several factors:

  • in the case of using a washing machine, it is possible to use hotter water;
  • the ability to choose the optimal mode of operation of the device;
  • lack of mechanical influence on kitchen utensils;
  • repeated washing and rinsing with the use of complex chemicals.

Additional functions

The following possibilities are useful:

  • light indication – the device with light of different colors informs the user about the current stage of washing;
  • child lock – will not allow the child to open the door of the device during operation;
  • savings – washing dishes will be effective even with a small amount of water;
  • delicate wash function – makes it possible to clean even delicate glassware (glasses, wine glasses);
  • sterilization – the use of a hygienic cycle makes it possible to get rid of harmful microorganisms and extraneous unpleasant odors.

Before buying a dishwasher, be sure to read its specifications and description of functions. Then the purchase will be guaranteed to meet your expectations.

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