Sep 16, 2020
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67-year-old Irina Ponarovskaya boasted a wasp waist

18:18, 09/15/2020

The artist took part in a fashion photography.

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This year, pop singer Irina Ponarovskaya turned 67 years old. The singer began her musical career in the early 70s, and already in the late 80s, Ponarovskaya became a national pop star. Irina has appeared in all kinds of musical programs, acted in films, performed at numerous concerts.

In 1989, the Chanel fashion house named Irina Ponarovskaya “Miss Chanel of the Soviet Union”. Ten years later, one of the famous Italian companies invited the singer to represent their brand in Russia. Irina also starred in several Russian-made films, trying herself as an actress.

In 1993, Ponarovskaya's debut album entitled "This is how my life goes by," was released, and before that the singer released three mini-collections. In 1994, Irina was named a sex symbol of the Russian stage, in the same year she hosted the author's program “Fitness class of Irina Ponarovskaya”. Three years later, she presented a solo program "A woman is always right", after which she released three more albums.

Irina Ponarovskaya

Now Ponarovskaya gives solo concerts and is filmed for fashion brands, which fans will learn about from her microblog. So, a year ago, Ponarovskaya became the face of the IKEBANA project. Today the artist took part in the next fashion photography. Ponarovskaya has already shared the first results on her Instagram. According to her, the pictures were taken for the new program, which will be released this week.

In the frames, Irina poses in an evening dress of a heavenly shade. The outfit emphasized the slender figure of the star: the cut of the dress formed a well-defined silhouette and highlighted the wasp waist of the artist. The image goes well with the artist's image. By the way, the actress became a platinum blonde after a long creative break.

67-year-old Irina Ponarovskaya boasted a wasp waist

Earlier, Ponarovskaya admitted that her beautiful figure is the result of tough diets, since as a child she was a fat girl and weighed 78 kilograms at 13 years old. The turning point that made Irina think about her appearance was the overheard conversation between her mother and a doctor who was a friend of the Ponarovsky family. The future artist heard the words of a physician that she was very fat and after that she decided to work on herself to correct the situation. Irina admitted that she could eat juice and one egg for days. True, such a diet sometimes led to hungry fainting.

Recall that in the fall of 2010, Ponarovskaya decided to leave Russia. Together with her son Anthony and his wife, the singer first moved to Norway and then to Estonia. Only by the beginning of 2018, Irina returned to her native St. Petersburg and for the first time in a long time was published. The singer came to celebrate the birthday of her concert director Lera Tuvina. In front of the guests Irina performed her longtime hit "Rowan Beads", and not one, but in a duet with Andrey Malakhov. In the frames that were published in their microblogs on Instagram, those present, Ponarovskaya was unrecognizable: the star of the 90s radically changed the image. Irina made a stylish haircut and became a platinum blonde.

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