Oct 15, 2020
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66-year-old Boris Moiseev denied rumors about deteriorating health and lack of money

09:56, 15.10.2020

The shocking artist stressed that he lives an ordinary life.

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Ten years ago, Boris Moiseev suffered a stroke, after which the singer was partially paralyzed. Thanks to his departure, the outrageous Blue Moon performer almost recovered his health, held an anniversary concert and even began to attend social events. Last year, Moiseev came to an event to mark the 70th birthday of his longtime girlfriend, Alla Pugacheva. However, the artist was led by the arm of his director, who also handed the hero of the day a bouquet of flowers instead of Boris Mikhailovich.

In recent months, information has begun to appear that Moiseev's health condition has deteriorated sharply. Insiders reported about the oncology found in the artist, a condition on the verge of coma and that the singer practically did not get out of bed. Those close to Moiseev refuted these speculations, reporting that everything was in order with Boris Mikhailovich. But there were doubts about the veracity of their words: after all, the artist himself did not get in touch.

After a stroke, Moiseev's upper lip and left arm remained motionless

Today it became known that Boris Moiseev personally commented on his state of health, refuting all negative rumors. The artist stressed that everything is in order for him, and a reclusive lifestyle is a consequence of retirement. “Firstly, I am no longer an artist, but a pensioner who wants peace. I don't have to constantly show myself. Sit on the splits and upload to the Web. I live a normal life, recently I was engaged in teeth, - I received medical treatment. I went to the bank on business, personal presence was required. I feel normal: I eat, sleep, walk, read, watch TV, communicate with loved ones and fans. Do not worry!" - said Moiseev in an interview with reporters. In the summer, Boris Mikhailovich planned to go to Jurmala, where he has his own apartment. However, the coronavirus pandemic and closed borders have thwarted these plans.

By the way, after rumors about the singer's deteriorating health, Alla Pugacheva decided to come to his aid, who has been friends with the artist for about 40 years. As you know, after Moiseyev's stroke, Prima Donna was one of the first to visit him, bringing home cutlets to the sick man. Now she offered him all kinds of help, but Moiseev refused as they were unnecessary. “He moves independently and serves himself. Friends periodically call him, the phone is always available. Alla Borisovna was going to come to visit, having read alarming news on the Internet, but after phoning with an old friend, she realized that there was nothing to worry about and invited him to her castle, ”said director Moiseeva Sergey Gorokh, who visits the singer daily.

Alla Pugacheva invited Moiseev to visit her castle in the Mud

According to the singer's representative, Boris Mikhailovich does not need money, since he receives royalties from his works, which are still in demand on radio and television. Also, the performer has a good pension with an allowance of 30 thousand rubles for the title of Honored Artist of Russia. Moiseev, for example, can afford the services of a maid, who comes to him three or four times a week, and an au pair, who cooks. “He doesn't have a lot of spending - there is no need for expensive things, as well as for some luxury goods. He lives with dignity, he has never borrowed money from anyone. I paid for the same story with my teeth that I recently did, I generally found out after the fact that the treatment was so expensive, "summed up Sergey Gorokh in an interview with the StarHit edition.

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