Jul 31, 2020
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66-year-old Alexei Glyzin commented on the rumors about his death

12:15, 30.07.2020

The singer reacted to a terrible speculation with humor.

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Alexey Glyzin has gained all-Union fame in the late 1970s, when the singer started performing in the band "Jolly fellows". In the team Glyzin sang and played the guitar. "Jolly fellows" gave listeners many legendary hits, including "Bologoye", "don't worry, aunt", "troubadours". In 1988, the year Alexei Glyzin left "Jolly fellows" and began to build a solo career with the group "Hurrah." Glyzin recorded many hits of their own. So, his song "You're not angel, you are my Happiness", "Late evening in Sorrento" is still popular and loved by the public. For their creativity Alexei Glyzin was awarded the title of honored artist of Russia in 2006-m to year.

Now Alexei Glyzin not often glimpsed in the media headlines. However, in recent months began to spread rumors about the poor state of health of the singer. Sources claimed that, allegedly, Glyzin seriously ill and was hospitalized in late June. And soon after, fans were shocked by the news of the death of the musician. However, it turned out to be a lie. Now Alexei Glyzin for the first time commented on the rumors about his death. The musician said that such speculation are beyond good and evil, but tried to treat the situation with humor.

Alexey Glyzin

"At the time of death I was alive. How else should I react? If it's a HYIP, it is quite beyond good and evil. I do not understand. Don't even know how to comment. You know, there's a sign: "If you were buried — so you're going to live long!" So I will regard the publication of my death," said Alexei Glyzin.

Also in conversation with the "Source" Alexey Glyzin talked about his family. Since 1992, Alex is married to Saniya Glycinol — world champion in rhythmic gymnastics. Now the wife of the musician directs the ballet "Releve", which often performs at concerts Glyzina. The eldest son of a singer and 44-year-old Alex — works as a television Director. A 27-year-old Igor acts in the team his famous father. Also Glyzina a grandson, 15-year-old Denis. According to the musician, the boy likes computers and Glyzin jokingly expressed the hope that he will become a hacker. Didn't exclude Alex the opportunity and for the third time to be a father. "What the hell!" — he said to journalists.

We add that the youngest son Alexei Glyzina named in honor of the murdered in 1991-m to year musician Igor Talkov. Talc and Glyzin friends, and Alex were in Kiev, when he learned about the tragedy in St. Petersburg. He said in the program "the Destiny of man" that announced to the audience the terrible news and performed in honor of the deceased the song "Winter garden". Glyzin admitted that the audience left the hall during his speech, they were so shocked by the tragedy.

Igor Talc

Alexei Glyzin remembered how after the announcement of the death of Igor Talkova the mass audience went to his concert

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