Sep 14, 2020
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64-year-old Nikas Safronov refused to purchase a castle in Scotland, which was sold for one pound sterling

07:50, 09/14/2020

The auction price for the real estate that attracted the painter rose and became too high.

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The artist Nikas Safronov decided to buy real estate in Scotland after learning that the castle was up for auction. As you know, prices for luxury housing have dropped significantly since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The starting bid for the luxurious 19th century Elms castle in Arbroath was just one pound sterling.

As the 64-year-old artist explained, he would like his youngest son to live in the castle. To land... “I thought that a castle in Scotland could unite my children and become their ancestral nest. One of my sons lives in Vilnius, another - in London, three - in Moscow. The sixth, Landin, recently moved from Australia to Scotland. I assumed that it was he who would look after the castle, become its manager, ”Safronov said in an interview with reporters.

Nikas Safronov decided to gather his many children under one roof

The castle, which was looked after by the painter, once belonged to a wealthy family. However, even before World War II, the building was converted into a hotel, and since the late 40s it has become an orphanage. In recent years, the castle was empty and began to collapse. To restore it, a considerable investment was required.

Contrary to the expectations of Nikas Safronov, there were too many people who wanted to buy the estate. The price of luxury real estate has jumped to 124 thousand pounds. Having learned about such a price, the artist decided to leave the game. Besides, as Safronov found out, the castle also had legal problems. “I didn't count on big spending. Not more than a hundred thousand, because then you will have to invest in the reconstruction of the house. In addition, my lawyers learned that the building does not have permission to use it for living quarters: it means that I would have to spend money on the execution of these documents, ”said Nikas Stepanovich.

The castle in Scotland, which looked after the paintings, was too expensive

At the same time, he does not abandon the desire to acquire a generic bay in the British Isles. “There are some interesting options in the UK. The castles are actually not as expensive as they seem. My apartment, in which I live in Moscow, is much more expensive, ”the painter concluded. According to him, earnings have fallen, and such old houses require significant financial investments.

Let's remind, two months ago Nikas Safronov became the owner of the Porche Cayenne car in the maximum configuration. The artist said that he spent money set aside for a "rainy day" on a luxury car. According to some estimates, the acquisition cost was RUB 15 million. According to the artist, he is not afraid to make such expensive purchases. Say, his work is always in demand, and he will not remain in poverty.

Safronov is not afraid of large strata, believing that art will feed him

It is noteworthy that not long before this, the 64-year-old master put up his property for sale in Turkey. The artist decided to part with three of his eight apartments. Usually his relatives and friends stayed there. But due to the pandemic, there was no one to monitor housing, and it became unprofitable to keep idle hundreds of square meters.

However, according to Safronov, despite the existing and planned to acquire real estate abroad, he does not plan to leave Russia. “I have had the opportunity to emigrate more than once, for example, to Italy or England. But I have always refused. Because I can't imagine myself in any country in the world except Russia, ”the artist said in an interview with the“ Interlocutor ”publication.

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