Oct 13, 2020
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63-year-old father of Ivan Urgant denied information that he is in poverty because of the pandemic

05:01, 13.10.2020

Andrei Urgant noted that he does not need financial assistance from his son.

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Many stars of Russian show business have been complaining about financial instability for several months. The artists found themselves out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic and still cannot restore concert schedules and resume work on projects. Previously Valery Syutkin said that his colleagues in the workshop began to earn online corporate parties, and Oleg Gazmanov complained that he had nothing to pay his team with due to the cancellation of concerts.

Today I told about the lack of money actor and TV presenter Andrey Urgant. According to Urgant Sr., the journalists said that he did not have enough money to live on due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the country. The actor said that for four months he could not make money by performing at concerts and events. Andrew Lvovich complained that he had no orders for the December corporate events, although a year earlier the whole month had already been scheduled in advance. According to the artist, in this situation, he can only hope for the support of his son.

Andrey Urgant and his son Ivan

Later, Andrei Urgant denied the information of the publication, which claimed that the artist was complaining of poverty. The TV presenter explained that his words were misinterpreted. In fact, he does not need financial support from his son and can independently support his life. “What nonsense? They provoked me: they told me that Klara Novikova was complaining that there was no job. I said, "Yes, no work." And I have no job, and the money is running out. And in general we will be forbidden to go on stage after 65 years. Yes it is. I have enough - for a piece of bread and for a bottle of milk, I always have enough. My son has a family of eight! He has two sisters, each with a child, each child with a husband, and a father-in-law and a mother-in-law. And he pays for all this. What have I got to do with it? He is not obliged to help me at all, especially since I do not ask him for any help, ”Urgant Sr. told

Recall that Andrei Urgant is the father of two children. Ivan was born in the marriage of an actor with Valeria Kiseleva... Daughter Maria was born in the following relationship of Andrey with Vera Yatsevich... Urgant's children gave him four grandchildren. In 2008, in the family of Ivan Urgant and his wife Natalie Kiknadze daughter was born Nina, named after the showman's grandmother - Nina Urgant. The daughter of Andrei Urgant gave birth to a Turkish businessman. In 2004, a son was born Emir, and in 2015 - Gabriel...

Ivan Urgant and his daughters

At the moment, nothing is known about the personal life of Andrei Urgant. His last love was Elena Romanova, who turned out to be 30 years younger than the artist. The couple met on the set of the Big Laundry program, where the actress portrayed a young lady from Pushkin's times. The lovers quickly began to live together, but on June 11 last year, the TV presenter announced the breakup with Elena.

However, the ex-couple did not stop communicating. In January of this year, information appeared that the TV presenter became the godfather of the child Romanova. Elena gave birth to a boy in September last year, whom she named Fedor... Young mom shared footage of the ceremony in his microblog in Instagram. In the videos published, Andrei Urgant is holding the baby in his arms.

Elena Romanova and Andrey Urgant

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