Oct 12, 2020
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63-year-old Andrey Urgant complained about the lack of money

15:38, 12.10.2020

The actor admitted that he has nothing to live on.

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The coronavirus pandemic has hit Russian show business. Many artists were unemployed for months, and some of them even had to close their businesses. Today, actor and TV presenter Andrei Urgant admitted that he practically does not have enough money to live because of the restrictions associated with the difficult epidemiological situation in the country.

“In terms of restrictions, I spent four months at home. I had no performances, no concerts, no corporate parties, no birthdays, no weddings, nothing that I used to make money with. Therefore, the money is now running out. I also help my daughter, who lives with two children alone. Now I am on the brink of poverty. So, if not my hope for my son, I could safely assume that I would have to starve, - said Urgant.

Andrey Urgant with his son Ivan

In addition, Urgant Sr. complained that he had no orders for December corporate events, although a year earlier the whole month had already been scheduled in advance, reported. Recall that Andrei Urgant was married four times. The first wife of the artist Valeria Kiseleva studied with him on the same course at LGIK. In his first marriage, the actor had a son, Ivan, who later became a famous TV presenter.

Soon after his divorce from Valeria Kiseleva, Andrei Urgant tied the knot with an actress and poetess Alena Svintsova... In the second family, the artist had a daughter Mariawho lives with her mother in Holland. For some time, Andrei Urgant was in a relationship with Vera Yatsevich... But the real shock in the artist's personal life was the acquaintance with Elena Romanovawho is 30 years younger than the artist. The couple met on the set of the program "big washing", Where the actress portrayed a young lady of Pushkin's times. A conversation began between Urgant and Romanova, which laid the foundation for feelings. After some time, the lovers moved in. However, on June 11 last year, the TV presenter said that he and Elena had separated.

Andrey Urgant and Elena Romanova

It is worth noting that 63-year-old Andrei Urgant has already managed to become a grandfather several times. So, Ivan Urgant and his wife Natalia Kiknadze are raising two daughters. On May 15, 2008, the couple had their first child. The girl was named Nina in honor of the showman's grandmother - the star of the "Belorussky Station" Nina Urgant. The second time Ivan and Natalya became parents on September 21, 2015. Then was born Valeria, named after Urgant's mother, actress Valeria Kiseleva.

In addition, Ivan accepted the wife's daughter from his first marriage as his own child. Ericwho now lives and studies in the USA. She is studying the basics of contemporary art and photography at the prestigious Parsons School. Ivan's sister Maria also has children. The daughter of Andrei Urgant gave birth to a Turkish businessman. In 2004, a son was born Emir, and in 2015 - Gabriel...

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