Sep 14, 2020
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62-year-old Olga Zarubina said she plans to emigrate to the USA to her lover

11:02, 09/14/2020

The singer has not yet revealed the name of the chosen one.

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In early 2019, Olga Zarubina surprised everyone with the news that she was getting married. On the eve it became known that now the singer is going to leave Russia. Olga announced that she intends to move to her chosen one in the United States. The artist does not disclose the name of her partner, but it is known that he also worked in Russian show business, and now lives in America.

According to Olga, she and her future husband met on social networks and have not seen each other yet. Zarubina said that she did not know anything about her lover as long as they began to communicate. At the same time, as the singer noted, the future husband closely followed her work.

Olga Zarubina

“I didn't know anything about him before we started talking. But he closely followed my work and treats me very kindly. He already told me about the wedding ", - quotes the words of the singer Zarubina clarified that she intends to go to her lover in the United States in October this year.

Recall that Olga Zarubina was married three times. The singer's first spouse was a colleague in the shop, Alexander Malinin, in marriage with whom she gave birth to a daughter in 1985 Login... Soon the artist left the family. At that time, the performer's daughter was not yet a year old. The second time Olga got married in 1989. Zarubina became the chosen one Vladimir Evdokimov... This marriage lasted almost 20 years. In her interviews, the singer has repeatedly admitted that the man surrounded her with care and attention, becoming the ideal father for Malinin's daughter Kira. However, in 2008, the artist's beloved husband died. In 2010, Olga went down the aisle for the third time. This time the ex-keyboardist of the group "Laskoviy May" became the singer's choice Andrey Salov... This marriage to Zarubina also did not last long. After five years of marriage, the couple divorced.

Olga Zarubina and her daughter from Alexander Malinin Kira

It is worth noting that, according to Zarubina, she is not yet fully confident in the feelings of her new lover. Olga noted that representatives of the opposite sex have repeatedly betrayed her, so she is constantly waiting for some kind of trick. By the way, Olga already had a correspondence romance. In August 2018, the artist was written by a man who introduced himself as Georgy Deliev - a participant in the famous "Masks Show". At first, his communication with Olga was of a friendly nature, but soon a new acquaintance began to actively confess love to Zarubina. A few months later, the singer found out that the man turned out to be not at all who he claims to be, and broke up with him ..

We add, in June of this year, Zarubina announced that her daughter Kira would soon get married. However, later the singer said that in the near future there would be no wedding. Zarubina noted that her daughter has a boyfriend with whom she lives, and now the couple has begun the stage of grinding to each other. As Olga added, in the United States they do not marry early at all, only when they understand that it is really necessary.

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