May 28, 2022
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6 Warning Symptoms of Low Potassium in the Body

6 Warning Symptoms of Low Potassium in the Body

Few people know about the drop in potassium levels, but it is very important to know. Potassium plays an important role in maintaining proper body function. But there are some early warning signs of low potassium levels.

As we said earlier, the correct amount of potassium in the body is very important for the function of the muscles of the body, as well as for the heart. Cells contain about 98% potassium, so if there is any change in potassium levels, it can cause damage to the muscles, heart, and nerves.

These are 6 early signs of low potassium levels in the body:

General fatigue

General fatigue is one of the symptoms of potassium deficiency in the body. Thus, you may feel tired for no good reason, and not because of overwork or excessive exertion.

The proper function of cells in the body is linked to the correct amount of potassium, and if potassium levels are reduced, it can negatively affect the proper function of organs and cells.

So if you feel general fatigue for a good reason and you haven’t done anything with some extra effort, you should see a doctor to find out the right reason for it.

Bloating all the time

Bloating can also be a cause of potassium deficiency because the body tries to regulate normal sodium levels.

Numbness and tingling

Nerve health can be compromised by potassium deficiency in the body. If your potassium levels are low, you may feel tingling in your muscles.


Lack of potassium in the body can also reduce normal bodily functions as well as slow down the digestion process. It can also cause cramps and bloating.

But the feeling of bloating is not only due to a lack of potassium. Many foods can also cause bloating.

High blood pressure

The effect of sodium is minimized by potassium. That is why it is very important to eat plenty of food in excess to regulate blood pressure.


Heart health can also be affected by lower levels in the body. This can lead to an irregular heartbeat as well as a rapid heartbeat.

It can also influence coordinated and rhythmic contractions that are regulated by electrical impulses. Therefore, it is important that you take all measures to prevent heart disease, strokes and heart attacks.

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