May 29, 2022
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6 Types of People You Should Cut Ties With

6 Types of People You Should Cut Ties With

Rejection can be called an act of repulsion. A person may reject a family member, friend, or romantic partner. And the resulting emotions can often be painful, writes Auxx.

According to Dr. Philip McGraw, rejection is the number one fear among people. One of the deepest human needs is the need to belong and be accepted.

Once we become aware that we are being rejected, we feel crushed and physically unattractive. We lose the inability to sleep, work and concentrate within a few weeks. However, over time, the understanding comes that even negative emotions are erased, and that healthy boundaries are the key to a comfortable life.

Little by little, we learn to enjoy life again and begin to notice the people around us and new opportunities. And most importantly, when we are rejected, it is always an opportunity to learn something. This helps to understand who can be allowed into your life, and who should be carefully rejected.

“When we can no longer change the situation, we are faced with the challenge of changing ourselves.” Viktor Frankl.
And these are the people you don’t want to deal with.

1. People you can’t trust

A secure relationship is a relationship where the people involved trust each other so people will have the freedom to truly express their deepest thoughts, feelings and experiences. Trust is knowing that we will be accepted for who we are and that what we express will remain confidential.

We turn to the help of friends to make decisions in our lives. Therefore, we trust them with our secrets. But sometimes they even give out such secrets that can harm our reputation. If this happens, then this is a clear signal that the relationship should be ended.

2. People who don’t respect you as a person

We deserve to be surrounded by people who treat us with respect without negatively affecting our emotions.

If you can’t respect my wants and needs, you probably won’t have a place in my life. If you can’t respect my abilities and my own choices, you can get out of my life.

Sometimes these boundaries are extremely difficult to establish. But it needs to be done.

3. People who blame you

We have all met at least one person who has managed to blame us out of nothing. However, repetitive guilt can drain our energy and undermine our self-esteem.

However, as Dr. Turndof explains in Psychology Today, guilt is a natural emotion—and it’s okay to feel comfortable and accept it. Saying no to someone and feeling guilty is part of life and it doesn’t make us a bad person. Turndoff explains that the more we say no and accept guilt as a natural emotion, the easier it will be to deal with, allowing us to move faster.

4. People who don’t change

“If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t change it, change your mind about it.” Mary Engelbreit
Sometimes we hold on to people based only on how long we’ve known them. Time brings people together. But even time is powerless if you move forward, and the person slows down.

As an example, we love trying to fix the people in our lives. We give advice to a friend. We tell family members that they could do something better. We try to correct and change the partner for the better. Unfortunately, although we try, it usually doesn’t work.

All people have access to the same source of wisdom or human consciousness. This means that the people around us will learn from life at their own pace when they are ready. So when the people in our lives don’t want to change, we change ourselves. It is also a sign that we need to distance ourselves from such people.

5. People who only show up when they need something.

Friends tend to share all their suffering and other problems. We communicate and spend a lot of time sharing our life experiences because they allow both of us to see ourselves more clearly.

However, there are people who show up at our doorstep only when they need something. If this becomes the rule, then the surest solution is to abandon them.

6. Mean people

Meanness is beyond. But often we find out that a person is mean too late, and the lesson becomes very painful.

Remember – we all deserve respect. And we have no reason to be with people who do not appreciate, do not love and do not respect us.

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