Aug 26, 2022
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6 types of necessary outbuildings for a summer residence

6 types of necessary outbuildings for a summer residence

A rationally organized life eliminates a lot of problems and contributes to a pleasant pastime. The soul is calmer when a chopper with a rake “live” in their shed, a shower room and a toilet are nearby, and a country house can accommodate all guests.

Even on a plot of a small area, you can comfortably accommodate if you arrange the outbuildings “wisely” and keep them in order. Let’s look at what types of ancillary buildings are really needed, and how to make the best use of them.

Country house for the benefit of the economy

Undoubtedly, the main summer cottage is a house where you can hide from the weather, receive guests and enjoy your vacation. Of course, it does not apply to outbuildings, but it can also perform one or two useful working functions. For example, a canopy can be attached to a country house on one side, where firewood is stored. Under the porch there is a mini-pantry for buckets, watering cans, dry fertilizers and other gardening attributes. And in the attic all sorts of “differences” that are needed from time to time can be stored: hanging swings, a children’s bicycle, an inflatable pool, and so on.

The design of outbuildings in the country should begin at the stage of developing a project for a suburban area. Here it is important to think over everything as carefully as possible: where the woodcutter will be, if you have stove heating, how best to locate the shed, and where to equip the summer shower and toilet. We list the main types of outbuildings, and you will think about what you already have and what is missing.

Summer cuisine

In the season of harvesting vegetables and fruits, the summer kitchen is perhaps even more significant than the country house itself. Here summer residents work like bees, providing themselves with canned and pickled goodies for the whole year.

The principle of building a summer kitchen is not much different from the principles of building a country house, except that the requirements for foundation and insulation are not so high. The roof of the summer kitchen is usually made flat, with a slight slope to ensure rainwater runoff. And window openings are built wide, sometimes full-length, providing a good overview of the territory and the entrance to the house.

It is not bad to bring water supply to the summer kitchen and equip it with a drain. After all, you are there to cook, sterilize, feed the household, and you can’t apply buckets of water. In addition, it is very important to beautifully equip the kitchen – in a cozy atmosphere and it is pleasant to cook. Food cooked “with soul” is always tastier than food cooked through force. Probably every hostess knows about it.

Barn in the country

Do not regret on your site a place for a barn, even if not very large. It is very convenient for storing garden tools, building materials and other country “utilities”. Yes, and when harvesting, it will help you out, because you can temporarily store vegetables and fruits there. It is better to hide the shed from the eyes in the depths of the garden, arranging it so that it can be quickly reached both from the house and from the garden.
6 types of NECESSARY outbuildings for giving

And it’s easy to build:

  • mark the area under the barn;
  • remove the top layer of earth by 50 cm, fill the hole with gravel and sand by 20 cm, lay crushed stone by 15 cm on top;
  • then concrete the foundation, having previously dug in and strengthened 4 pillars of thick timber at the corners;
  • when the foundation hardens, sheathe the barn with boards and lay the roof.

For example, in one of the dachas there is a wooden shed with an area of ​​​​only 6 m², built using just such a simple technology. On the right side, the owner made 4 wide shelves throughout the wall, and on the left, garden tools and building materials are stored. Each thing has its own place, so it is easy to maintain order there.

Workshop in the country

If you love crafting or do-it-yourself building, you will need a workshop where you can conveniently set up a workbench with a vice, a woodworking machine, a stationary circular saw, or other equipment needed for construction and finishing work.

All the necessary tools are stacked on the work racks. Many summer residents have their workshop at the garage or even in the barn, but you must admit that it is much more convenient to allocate a separate room for it if you regularly build, repair or make something.

Toilet in the country

Well, if the country house is equipped with a central water supply, a drain system, then the toilet can be equipped indoors. What if there is no water or sanitation? Then it will have to be built near the house.

You can negotiate with an excavator and make a cesspool up to 6 m deep and lay it out from the inside with old tires, for example from ZIL. Get a homemade rubber “pipe” of tires. If the soil in your country house is sandy, then such a toilet will never require cleaning for many years of operation, and you can also bring a drain from the summer shower there.

“Roaming” toilet

Some summer residents make it even easier. Such a toilet is called “wandering”. They negotiate with visiting workers, and for a small fee they dig a hole only 3 m deep. They also make a wooden toilet, making it portable.

Every two years, the toilet is moved to another place, and the pit is closed with a strong lid. A year later, they cover it with earth and plant a fruit tree. Their fruits ripen wonderfully!

dry closet

Another solution is to buy a dry closet. The industry offers a wide range of modern convenient devices: peat and liquid, portable and stationary, requiring a supply of water, electricity and doing without them.


Many summer residents, without further ado, store firewood under a canopy made under the same roof with a country house, a barn, a bathhouse or a workshop. And some organize a free-standing woodcutter, which is much more practical. It is built on the principle of a barn, where the roof should have a slight slope to drain rainwater.

Garbage area

Waste disposal in the country sometimes develops into a huge problem, so it is necessary to organize this process as comfortably as possible. The best option is to arrange a special place where the garbage containers will be located. Well, if it is a large enough concreted area where you can place tanks for different types of waste. Considering that you don’t want to see the garbage, such sites are fenced and decorated.

Convenient when garden bins and trash cans tilt freely and are easy to empty. You can make removable inner boxes to make your life easier and subsequently not be tormented by the question: how can I get all this garbage?

You can buy garbage containers, or you can make your own hands from the remnants of building material: boards, plywood, beams, and the like. In some areas, there are such beautiful garbage cans that you can’t immediately guess about their trivial purpose.

It is no secret that convenience and comfort depend on how rationally we are able to organize our life. Thoughtful and neatly arranged outbuildings in the country are necessary to provide us with a minimum of worries and a maximum of comfortable rest.

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