Oct 26, 2021
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6 things children inherit exclusively from their fathers

6 things children inherit exclusively from their fathers

Genetics is one of the most mysterious and interesting sciences. Of course, the child inherits the genes of both parents, but if the father has dominant traits, then most likely your children will get them as well.

It turns out that genetics affects not only the color of the eyes and physique, it affects the love of risk and even the pose in a dream.

Genetic characteristics that children inherit from their fathers

  1. Heart disease – According to research conducted by scientists at the University of Leicester, men who carry a certain type of chromosome are almost 50% more likely to have diseases affecting the coronary artery. Under certain circumstances, this trait is passed on to sons.
  2. Mental disorders – Among the mental disorders that are passed from men to children are schizophrenia and ADHD. As the father ages, the risk increases as the man’s DNA changes over the years. As for women, they are born with a certain set of eggs, and their DNA does not change throughout their lives.
  3. Crooked Teeth – Male genes for teeth and jaw shape are stronger than female genes. From the father, the child can receive not only crooked teeth, but also weak enamel.
  4. Child gender – male genes determine the sex of the unborn child. The prediction can be made by examining the father’s family tree. If the sperm carries the X chromosome, then by connecting to the mother’s X chromosome, there will be a girl. And if the semen contains a Y chromosome – a boy.
  5. Child’s eye color – Since male genes dominate female genes, facial features and eye color are likely to be the same as that of the father.
  6. A child’s growth is largely dependent on the paternal genes. Tall children are born to tall fathers.

A little about intelligence

  • Intelligence is not passed on from father to son. That is, if the father is a genius, then his son will not 100% inherit these genes.
  • The intellect from the father can only be passed on to the daughter. And only half.
  • A man can inherit intelligence only from his mother, which she, in turn, inherited from her father.
  • Daughters of geniuses will be exactly half as smart as their fathers, but their sons will be geniuses. If their father is dumb, then the daughters will be exactly half dumb than their fathers.
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