May 10, 2022
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6 mistakes mothers make when raising children that will lead to nothing good

6 mistakes mothers make when raising children that will lead to nothing good

Mothers are ready to do everything for their children so that they grow up happy and independent. But for some reason, many children grow up selfish and infantile.

What is wrong? The fact that many mothers do not think about how their parenting methods affect the formation of the child. And then it’s too late…

Here are 6 common parenting mistakes:

1. The mother is too worried about the child and does not allow him to take risks

We live in a world where danger surrounds us at every turn. Understanding this, we do everything to protect our children.

But psychologists from Europe are sure: if a child does not play on the street, if he has never had to fall and peel off his knee, then in adulthood he often suffers from all kinds of phobias and complexes.

Children need to fall several times to understand that there is nothing to worry about. A teenager needs to quarrel and endure the bitterness of losing his first love in order to become emotionally mature – long-term relationships are impossible without this. If parents eliminate all risks from the lives of children, there is a high probability that the child will become arrogant, arrogant and have low self-esteem in the future.

2. Mother seeks to control everything

Some mothers literally follow every step of their child and force him to copy his own value system. The identity of the child is ignored. It is believed that the more obedient the child, the better.

As a result, some children feel helpless, they develop a consumer position in relation to the world, and conflicts with peers escalate. And others, on the contrary, violently protest, acting in spite of their parents and society.

3. Mother compares him to others all the time

Notation is not the best way to convey to a child that he is wrong in this or that situation. It can sometimes be resorted to, but often repeated notations lose their educational value and usually lead to childish protest.

And in no case should a child be compared with other children, because he is an individual. Any comparisons with others lead to hatred towards the one with whom he was compared, inferiority complexes and problems in communicating with parents. It seems to him that they consider him worse than others.

4. Mother fulfills every whim

This is another extreme that should not be allowed: if a child is given everything on a silver platter upon request, then he will not be ready for the slightest life difficulties and will not be able to achieve his goals and solve his problems.

Spoiled children are highly prone to neurosis, have high self-esteem and are not ready to show independence.

5. The mother is overprotective of the child.

If you overprotect your child, this can lead to negative consequences. The child will have difficulties in communicating with peers, he will not learn to achieve his goals, stand up for himself and express his opinion. Therefore, from a very early age, the baby should be given the opportunity to show their independence and individuality.

Such mothers strive to “help” the child in everything and surround him with excessive care, therefore depriving him of the need to solve problems himself and look for a way out of difficult situations.

Sooner or later, the child gets used to the fact that someone “will come to the rescue.” In the real world, this will not happen, so the child will be unadapted to adulthood.

6. Mother is too self-sacrificing

This happens all the time: the mother goes to the store, prepares food for the children, takes them to school, carries them in her arms … In public transport, the child sits, and the mother patiently stands by. As a result, a selfish child grows up, who gets used to the fact that the whole world revolves around him. And then mom wonders: why are you so selfish when we sacrifice so much for you?

Teach your child to help you. From the age of three, children may well help their mother carry bags, and from 5–6 they can clean the house, turn off the lights, make the bed, etc.

At school age, it is time to teach the child to be independent. Let him learn to go to the store, calculate expenses, wash the bath and toilet after himself … All this will allow you to raise a responsible and unselfish person.

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