Aug 5, 2022
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6 invaluable nail care tips

6 invaluable nail care tips

Our toenails need proper care, just like the rest of the body, to function the way they’re supposed to.

Here are 6 steps to help your feet function properly and make them look great:

Smooth them out

You should smooth your feet regularly with a pumice stone. This will help them stay smooth by removing dead skin cells and preventing calluses. In addition, smooth legs look great in open shoes. Soak your feet in water for 15 minutes to soften the skin, then start rubbing your feet with a pumice stone.

Some podiatrists recommend a warm black tea foot bath, which will reduce the risk of bacterial infections. Removing dead skin cells from the feet can also be done with natural foot scrubs such as sugar. Be sure to apply a high quality moisturizer to keep your feet smooth. If you need to soften more difficult calluses, you can use salicylic acid creams.

Keep your feet hydrated

To prevent dry and cracked heels, you need to keep your feet hydrated. This can be done by applying a cream that moisturizes your skin. Look for creams rich in petroleum jelly or lactic acid, which can lock in moisture in the skin.

Mushroom eradication

There are many lotions and creams that can fight foot fungus and prevent infections like athlete’s foot. However, most of these products also contain chemicals that can do much more harm than good. According to Dr. Isaac Tabari, a New York orthopedist, tea tree oil is the best natural remedy for fungal infections on the feet. If you sweat too much, you can use a medicated foot powder or spray to keep your feet dry and prevent infections.

Also, make sure you dry your feet well after showering, as dampness allows fungi to grow and increases the risk of “athlete’s feet.”


When applying sunscreen to your body, you should never forget your legs. For best results, use a 30 SPF sunscreen.

Proper Support

Standing for long periods of time can put too much effort on your feet and make them painful, so choosing the right shoes is important. Insoles can provide more support for your feet and reduce your risk of back pain.

Don’t Forget Your Toenails

You may hate pedicures, but this is the best gift your feet can get. A pedicure will allow your nails to grow properly and prevent ingrown toenails, which can be quite painful.

Over time, toenails will become brittle, and using store-bought nail polish can make things worse. This is why you should always use formaldehyde, toluene and alcohol free nail polish. Finally, keep your toenails hydrated by rubbing them regularly with vitamin E oil and petroleum jelly.

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