Apr 2, 2021
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6 exercises that do not distract you from your child and household chores

6 exercises that do not distract you from your child and household chores

For many new mothers, it is difficult to recover from childbirth and have to go on diets and go to a fitness center, perform exhausting exercises. But it also happens that there is no time for yourself, not that you go to the fitness center, and you have to perform various physical exercises on your own. It would seem not difficult, the only difficulty is to find time, which is sorely lacking in the decree.

We have selected 6 exercises for you that you can perform without being distracted from your child and household chores. By doing simple exercises, you can keep your body in shape.

1. Swing legs to the side.

We spend 40% of our lives standing at the stove. You can always combine cooking and fitness. For example, swing legs while standing to the side and back. You need to do 20 repetitions with each leg in three sets.

2. Squats.

Squats are very popular with children. And if you have children who need to be held in your hands, then try as I showed you in the photo, and if you are older, feel free to put them on your shoulders and hold them by the hands. You need to do 20-30 squats in three sets.

3. Lunges forward.

Similarly, everything can be done as with squats. Remember, lunges are the ones that lift our glutes. Do 20 lunges each, alternating legs in three sets.

4. Push-ups from the floor.

It’s very cool when the child lies under you)) your goal will be to squeeze out correctly to the end in order to kiss the baby. Do push-ups with a flat back 10 times in three sets.

5. Swing hands in front of you.

This exercise makes our shoulders beautiful. We hold the baby tighter and raise our hands up, lower them to parallel with the floor. You need to do 10 swings in three approaches.

6. We work out biceps.

In order to work it out, we hold the child in the same way and bend the elbow joints. We raise it as close to ourselves as possible without lifting the elbows from the body and lower it to parallel with the floor.

These are the most basic exercises in order to keep yourself in shape at least a little. Do the exercises three times a week and you will be successful)) And of course, do not forget to download the abs. If the child is capricious, then lay him down or put him on his feet and work. Do not look for a reason or an excuse to take time for yourself, it is better to find that quality in yourself that will help you move forward.

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