Jan 25, 2021
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5’nizza soloist Sergei Babkin admitted that he is losing his sight

Serhiy Babkin, a Ukrainian musician and member of the 5’nizza group, told the sighters about a disastrous eye disease that he was recently diagnosed with.

5'nizza soloist Sergey Babkin admitted that he is losing his sight

On my page in Instagram Sergei Babkin reported that he was leaving the social network due to a disastrous eye disease. According to him, absolutely soon the disease can make him blind.

“The doctor said so much -“ Inflammation of the back wall of the eyes, detachment of the retina, the passage of fluid, 70% of your central vision is gone, you go blind, Sergei … Times go on for days! ”” – Babkin shared with followers.

At the same time, the performer calmed down his fans, saying that treatment is still possible. Babkin managed to find a suitable clinic in Austria, because of the Ukrainian doctors he does not grasp at such a complex operation.

The singer plans to go for treatment in early February. Sergei promised subscribers to be in touch through his wife.

Internet users immediately offered to provide all possible help to their favorite artist. In the comments, they wished him a speedy recovery and good fortune.

“Seryozha, everything will be good. Believe in yourself! “, – wrote one of the followers.

“Don’t even think to get sick, Sergei,” another commentator emphasized.

“Fortune to you! Get well!” – fans skated.

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