Jan 4, 2022
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5G threatens air travel

5G threatens air travel

The fifth generation of wireless communication, pushed into life by mobile companies and manufacturers of new electronic equipment, can cause serious harm not so much to the health of people as to other equipment.

Boeing and Airbus executives sent a letter to US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg with an emergency warning that 5G deployment could pose a major safety threat. The companies are asking the Joe Biden administration to delay the launch of the ultrafast network, slated for early 2022.

It’s all about the radar-mounted altimeters – the devices for measuring altitude on all types of commercial airliners. Altimeters are especially necessary for aircraft landing in adverse weather conditions. Analysis by the Western aviation industry has shown that 5G radiation interferes with instrumentation and could affect hundreds of flights, causing them to delay or change their landing site. Altimeters indicate altitude using radio waves reflected from the ground, but they are jammed by 5G.

The airlines warned the government that cellular frequencies would jam flight controls and could cause multiple flight delays. The expected damage is estimated at several billion dollars.

Aviation has just begun to recover from the effects of covid, and now there are new restrictions. Recently, new rules were announced that prohibit pilots from using autopilot and other systems for landing at low altitudes, since 5G signals can affect on-board equipment that measures the distance remaining to the ground. This order affected 6,800 US airliners and dozens of their manufacturers. During the experiments, it was revealed that a powerful mobile signal leads to incorrect readings of the instruments, and this threatens to disaster.

But if 5G has such an impact on aviation electronics, then this network can interfere with the functioning of other vital systems, which the developers of the fifth generation of communications prefer not to talk about.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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