Feb 13, 2021
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57-year-old Yegor Konchalovsky published a rare archive photo of his 3-year-old son

18:41, 13.02.2021

Timur was born in a relationship between director and lawyer Maria Leonova.

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Director Yegor Konchalovsky has two children: daughter Maria from actress Lyubov Tolkalina and son Timur from a lawyer Maria Leonova… In his microblog, the star of Russian cinema does not often show the youngest child. It is even more difficult to see Timur’s archival photographs.

However, today Konchalovsky published a photo of his three-year-old son, taken several years ago. “Who’s on us, huh ?? !!! Tim is at the beginning of his son’s career “, – Yegor Andreevich signed the picture (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes. – Prim. row.).

Yegor Konchalovsky published a rare archival photograph of his three-year-old son

By the way, Konchalovsky and Maria Leonova met in court. Their son Timur was born on April 10, 2017. It is noteworthy that the parents hid the boy’s face for about a year, and only in March 2018 Konchalovsky published a photo with the baby in his microblog on Instagram. The director rarely talks about his son, but he already introduces him to work. Together with Timur Konchalovsky, he chose the laureates of the “We Are Near” award, which was dedicated to people involved in charity.

It should be noted that Konchalovsky and Leonova rarely attend social events. But in November 2019, the lovers decided to make an exception and appeared at the premiere of the film Sin, directed by Yegor’s father Andrei Konchalovsky. It was this release of the couple into the light that provoked rumors about their secret wedding. So, in the photo from the event, you could see that Yegor and Maria are wearing wedding rings. Nevertheless, after a few days Konchalovsky denied speculation that he had tied the knot with his beloved, calling the information in the media a duck.

Egor Konchalovsky and Maria Leonova

We add that Konchalovsky and Leonova and their son live in a luxurious mansion. For the first time, the director decided to show the three-story mansion in the Stars Converged program. His house has eighteen rooms, four kitchens and two apartments. In addition, Yegor’s mansion has three rooms, a sauna, a solarium and even an impromptu massage room. In the same building, there is a small one-room apartment where the director’s employees live.

Yegor Konchalovsky with Maria Leonova and son Timur

By the way, Konchalovsky in his microblog on Instagram is more willing to show photos of his 19-year-old daughter Maria. Several years ago she lost 30 kilograms at once. At the age of 15, Maria’s weight exceeded 80, from which her health suffered. Then she started having problems with the spine. Turning to specialists, Maria developed a special diet for herself: she ate in small portions six times a day and exercised regularly. Later, she admitted that from the dramatic weight loss, she left stretch marks, which the model covered with large tattoos. Many began to suspect Konchalovsky’s daughter of anorexia, however, Maria herself and her parents refuted these speculations.

Lyubov Tolkalina with her daughter from Yegor Konchalovsky Maria

Recall that Konchalovsky lived with Lyubov Tolkalina for almost 20 years. They met while studying as an actress at VGIK. Konchalovsky and Tolkalina began an affair and after six months the couple began to live together. Officially, the actress and director did not formalize the relationship even after their daughter Maria was born. In 2017, Konchalovsky and Tolkalina announced their separation, but they were able to maintain a warm relationship.

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