Jan 11, 2021
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56-lazy Alena Apina showed how she looked as a teenager

02:36, 11.01.2021

The singer published a rare archive photo, which was given to her by fellow students.

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The night before, the star of the 90s, ex-member of the Combination group Alena Apina showed how she looked in adolescence. In her microblog on Instagram, the artist published a rare archived snapshot, which was captured at the age of 15. In the caption to the publication, Apina said that the photo was previously lost, but returned to it years later thanks to the fact that classmates saved the photo.

56-lazy Alena Apina showed how she looked as a teenager

“Good morning to everyone from 15-year-old Lenochka! Yesterday we arranged a meeting of classmates and this photo came back to me. How do you like it? “, – the singer asked her audience (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes. – Prim. line.). In the comments to the publication, the stars of domestic show business also expressed their opinion. “We like it very much!” – actress Elena Valyushkina admired the archive photo. It is worth noting that many of the Internet users compared Apina in this picture with Evgenia Simonova as a princess from the movie “An Ordinary Miracle”.

Alena Apina with her daughter Ksyusha

We add that Alena Apina gained fame in 1988 as a soloist of the popular group “Combination”, whose hits “American Boy”, “Cherry Nine” and “Accountant” were known almost all over the country. Apina graduated from a music school in piano, in which she studied from the age of 5, then entered the Saratov School of Music in piano. After graduating from the Saratov School of Music, Alena tried to enter the conservatory for two years. The competition was so big that it was extremely difficult for a girl who had no support to enter. And then, on the advice of a close friend, she entered the faculty of folk singing.

Alena Apina and Alla Pugacheva, archive photo

Then the producer of the “Combination” group, who was creating a new girl group, heard Alena and invited her to work in the group. With the arrival of Alena, the group became extremely popular, its performances gathered huge concert halls and stadiums, an album was already being prepared for release in America.

Nevertheless, Apina was not afraid to leave the group and began working on a solo project. In many ways, the successful start of the singer’s independent career was facilitated by the fact that her producer became Alexander Iratov, who subsequently played a huge role in Alena’s creative career and personal life. The very first solo song “Ksyusha” became a hit.

Alena Apina with her daughter Ksyusha

Alena Apina has been married with producer Alexander Iratov for 25 years. Despite the decision to disperse, Alena continues to communicate with the ex-spouse for the sake of her daughter, 18-year-old Xenia, who was given birth by a surrogate mother. Apina hid this fact for a long time that she and her husband could not have a child for a long time. The singer went through nine miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy, artificial insemination – and all in vain.

After another failure, the doctors just threw up their hands and said that the only chance for Alena and Alexander was surrogacy. The couple decided to resort to this method of birth, but for a long time they hid this fact from the public after the appearance of their daughter.

Alena Apina with Vyacheslav Malezhik

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