Dec 28, 2020
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55-year-old Marina Zudina spoke about her health after rumors of hospitalization

09:25, 28.12.

Oleg Tabakov’s widow posted a video in an evening dress.

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Last Saturday it was reported that 55-year-old actress Marina Zudina turned to doctors for help because of malaise. The widow of Oleg Tabakov was reportedly hospitalized in one of the capital’s clinics with vertebrobasilar insufficiency. Within a few hours, Zudina denied this information. The People’s Artist said that everything was fine with her.

Against the background of alarming news, Zudina nevertheless decided to make a publication on her microblog on Instagram, in which she talked about what really happened to her. “A lot can be done on – one, two, three ..)! For example, congratulate friends, take a photo together, say: one, two, three – burn the Christmas tree! .. or Santa Claus, come out) … What other options are there?)) … For example, the day before yesterday I spent a magical evening with @bosco_di_ciliegi, Yesterday I got to the hospital, today I’m already playing my beloved New Year’s Eve “Ideal Husband” In fact, also for one, two, three …)) ”- wrote the star in her microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation hereinafter are given without changes. – Noteed.).

Marina Zudina posted a video in an evening dress

Recall that Marina Zudina is involved in the production of Konstantin Bogomolov “Ideal husband” at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. In the composition of the wife of Ksenia Sobchak based on the works Oscar Wilde also played by Sergei Chonishvili, Alexei Kravchenko, Igor Mirkurbanov, Pavel Chinarev, Alexander Semchev, Roza Khairullina and the director’s ex-wife Daria Moroz. The premiere of the play took place in February 2013, and the production is still popular with the audience.

Note that the widow of Oleg Pavlovich is also an actress of the Tabakov Theater. However, after the death of her husband, who passed away on March 12, 2018, Zudina does not receive enough roles for her. In the show “Secret for a Million”, the actress admitted that Vladimir Mashkov, who headed the theater of the late spouse, arranged personnel changes, thanks to which neither her nor her 25-year-old son Pavel had a place in the cultural institution.

In a conversation with Lera Kudryavtseva, Zudina said that she goes on the stage of the Oleg Tabakov Theater only a few times a year. At the same time, the star receives a salary, so she gets the feeling that she is paid only to “sit quietly.” The current situation in the theater, according to Marina Vyacheslavovna, would not quite like Oleg Pavlovich. However, the artist assured, there is no need to feel sorry for her, she is a strong enough person and will gladly take part in a new interesting project.

Marina Zudina and Vladimir Mashkov

It should be noted that Marina Zudina and Vladimir Mashkov attended the opening of the sculptural composition dedicated to Oleg Tabakov together. The event took place in front of the director’s theater in mid-December. After the opening of the monument, the artist’s widow published a video from the celebration. Later, the actress shared her impressions of the monument. She warmly thanked the creators of the sculpture and the initiator of the project. “Thanks for the Holiday @teatr_tabakova !!! Thanks for the talent to the sculptor Alexander Rukovishnikov !!! # alexandrrukovishnikov Thanks for the implementation to Vladimir Mashkov !!! Thanks to everyone who helped, who came, who supported !!! I’m happy today !!! And Oleg Pavlovich, I’m sure, too …. !!! Looking at us, at ourselves, at Matroskin, feeling our incredible love and tenderness …! And I’ll write about Matroskin tomorrow, as I promised, because there were questions – why exactly he …) ”- wrote Zudina in her microblog on Instagram.

Marina Zudina published a video from the opening of the sculptural composition in honor of Oleg Tabakov

Marina Zudina in an exclusive interview with “Around TV”

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