Apr 7, 2021
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54-year-old Renata Litvinova showed a photo without makeup

The famous 54-year-old Russian actress and director Reantu Litvinova is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful and stylish women in the country.

54-year-old Renata Litvinova showed a photo without makeup

She is used to seeing her in sophisticated feminine looks, and she also participates fractionally in various elegant and stylish shootings, often in a retro or vintage manner.

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However, even in ordinary life, Renata portrays a very beautiful and attractive woman, despite the fact that she is already over 50. On the eve of her Instagram account, she published a new photo, which is captured without makeup and with a towel on a bowler hat. In the picture, she looks very young and natural. Fans wrote her a lot of compliments about her appearance. Many of them could not believe that in such a year it is possible to look so great.

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