Sep 11, 2020
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52-year-old Ekaterina Strizhenova’s mother died

14:51, 09/11/2020

The sister and daughter of the TV presenter reported the tragedy.

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A tragedy struck in the family of the 52-year-old presenter of Channel One Ekaterina Strizhenova: her mother died yesterday. Valentina Yakovlevna she did not live one month before her birthday: in October she could have turned 80 years old. The first sad news in her microblog on Instagram was shared by Catherine's sister - a fashion designer Victoria Andreyanova...

Victoria Andreyanova said that Valentina Yakovlevna lost her husband at the age of 36, Ekaterina at that time was only seven. Since then, the mother of two daughters has devoted her whole life to her children, never getting married a second time. Victoria described her mother as an attentive, kind and devoted person.

Ekaterina Strizhenova with her sister and mother

“At the age of 36, left alone with two daughters, raising four granddaughters, gathering a hundred people for my husband’s memorial day, knowing everything about their life - this is our mother. And today we say goodbye to her. But she herself taught us that you can live with a person all your life remembering him. You stay with us, dear Mom. Only today we will gather everyone and remember ”, - wrote Victoria Andreyanova (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. - Prim. line.).

Anastasia honored the memory of the grandmother and daughter of Ekaterina Strizhenova. The star heiress said that she could not imagine her future life without Valentina Yakovlevna. Anastasia said that her grandmother always tried to make the world a better place and took care of people. Ekaterina Strizhenova herself has not yet commented on her loss. Colleagues of Ekaterina Andrei Malakhov and Olga Orlova expressed their condolences.

"Grandmother Valya. My granny. How I will miss her. I can't imagine a world without Valentina. Without such an amazing Person! Man, my soul, our sunflower, we are your finches, we will try not to let you down. So our beloved. How grandmother loved people and helped people all her life. She made this world a better place. How lucky I am, how lucky we are! My Valentine, my grandmother. Our Valya! " - said Anastasia (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. - Prim. line.).

Ekaterina Strizhenova with her family

Recall that Ekaterina Strizhenova has been happy with actor Alexander Strizhenov for over 30 years. The couple met on the set of the film "Leader". At that time they were teenagers: Alexander was 13, and Catherine was 14. Nevertheless, Strizhenov immediately decided that he would marry his beloved. When Catherine and Alexander came of age, they immediately got married.

The star spouses have two children. The eldest daughter Anastasia was born in 1988. She graduated in New York, during which she met her future husband, a financier Peter Grishchenko... Now Anastasia and her husband continue to live in America. In 2018, the couple had a son Petya, and Valentina Yakovlevna was very glad to see her great-grandson. The youngest daughter of the Strizhenovs Alexandra lives with her parents. A couple of years ago, she graduated from high school and entered Moscow State University. Alexandra, with her mother and father, often visits her older sister in the United States.

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