Oct 16, 2020
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51-year-old Tatyana Bulanova said she was not going to marry a new lover

13:20, 10/16/2020

The singer has been living in a civil marriage for a year.

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In 2016, singer Tatyana Bulanova announced a divorce from a football player Vladislav Radimov... They lived together for nine years, the star couple had a son Nikitawho is now 13. It is worth noting that after the divorce Radimov lived with Bulanova in the same apartment for three more years. At first, Tatiana said that their house had five rooms, so she was not worried about finding her husband in her living space. However, at the end of 2019, the singer noted that the common life of the Radimovs began to weigh her down. In December last year, the footballer still moved out of Bulanova's apartment.

Last fall, Tatyana Bulanova announced that she had a new lover. The singer said that she was confident in her chosen one and was even ready to go down the aisle with him. But Vladislav Radimov refused to call for the alleged Bulanov ceremony, which shocked and upset her ex-husband. It is worth noting that nothing was known about Tatiana's lover. The singer hides the identity of the chosen one from the public. Today the singer told what her lover is doing. “I have a lover, we already live together. He's not showbiz. Works in a completely different area. We have been together for a year, spent the entire self-isolation together. We are very comfortable - we have never quarreled, ”said Tatiana Bulanova.

Vladislav Radimov and Tatiana Bulanova

Tatyana Bulanova also dispelled rumors about the upcoming wedding. She stated that she did not plan to register the relationship and she was satisfied with life in a civil marriage. “I am not planning to play a wedding, but I don’t know what he thinks about this. I haven't made a marriage proposal yet! " - said Tatiana Bulanova in a conversation with the correspondent of "Interlocutor". The choice of the singer was approved by her sons. Recall that, in addition to the heir from Radimov, Tatyana has an eldest son Alexander, whom the artist gave birth to in 1993, married to Nikolay Targin...

We add that 2020 has become extremely difficult for Tatyana Bulanova. The singer experienced a microstroke and was hospitalized, and after being discharged from the hospital she fell ill again. As the artist admitted today, she suffered a coronavirus. Bulanova's temperature rose, and soon her younger son and his nanny fell ill. Tatyana wondered how she could have become infected, because she observed the strictest self-isolation regime.

Tatiana Bulanova with children

The singer's financial position also suffered. Bulanova stated that due to the pandemic and the cancellation of concerts, she was left practically without means of subsistence. “The money has run out, but you have to live, you have to eat for something, you have to buy food for something - this has not been canceled. And the cat is screaming hungry. If this continues, I do not know what will happen. I don't understand what to live on. I'm in such a state that you throw yourself against the walls. When will it end? ", Complained Bulanova in the show" You won't believe! " However, now the artist has income again. Bulanova noted that at the moment she had no reason to complain about life. “Now everything is normal in my life. Children delight, loved one too. There is enough work. I do not refuse concerts, I perform. You know, I had worse times before the pandemic, ”Tatiana noted.

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