Sep 16, 2020
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51-year-old Evelina Bledans admitted that against the background of constant guilt she is afraid of getting cancer

09:04, 09/16/2020

The actress noticed that she regularly travels to the cancer center on the Kashirskoye highway.

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A new edition of Boris Korchevnikov's show "The Fate of a Man" has been released today. 51-year-old Evelina Bledans became a guest of the program on the Russia 1 TV channel. The actress spoke about her many novels and marriage, about motherhood and the labor of raising a special child. She admitted that due to the feeling of guilt that overwhelms her all the time, she is afraid of getting cancer. Therefore, the artist regularly visits the oncological center on the Kashirskoye highway in Moscow and undergoes the necessary examinations.

“My mother had a terrible disease - oncology. And I think that against the background of guilt, we all have such a disease in our family. And I check myself regularly. I don't want to die - I always go to Kashirka. I am still a woman who wants female happiness and an actress who wants to work in a profession, ”Bledans made a confession.

Archival photographs of the mother of Evelina Bledans Tomila

Evelina added that due to her fear of oncology, she has recently taken the habit of asking forgiveness from everyone she once offended. So, the first to whom Bledans apologized was her own father Viswaldis... After the parents divorced, her stepfather took up the upbringing of the future star Gennady Alexandrovich, and she believed that he was closer and dearer to her than her biological father. “Dad, forgive me for these words, you made me with such long legs, such a loud voice, forgive me for saying so about you, but you left us, you left,” Evelina admitted with tears in her eyes.

The second to whom Evelina Bledans turned with words of repentance was her first husband Yuri Stytskovsky, with whom the artist met while studying at LGITMiK. The Pun comedy star saw a lot of creativity in his wife and dreamed of her becoming a serious actress. In addition, Yuri was sure that it was in Evelina that he found his family happiness, but fate decreed otherwise. When Bledans was four months pregnant, she was attacked in one of the Yalta parks. According to the actress, most likely the man with the knife did not want to harm her, it just coincided, and she took it personally. After the stress experienced, the star lost her child, and blamed Yuri for this. Now she believes that Stytskovsky was not at all to blame for what happened.

Yuri Stytskovsky and Evelina Bledans

“I blamed Yura, but I don't blame him anymore. I was small and stupid. This attack in Yalta was also my fault. Maybe they didn't want to hurt me, but when I saw the knife, I felt a breakdown and a miscarriage. I blamed Yura, because we can't blame ourselves, such good ones ... I am very ashamed, and I think that I broke a person's life, because he is sure that he will be with me all my life, "the guest admitted on the air of" Destiny man. "

At the same time, Evelina believes that the appearance in her life in 2012 of a special son, Semyon, is a real gift. However, once she allowed herself to become discouraged. It was right after Sema was born, when he was in intensive care. The star of movies and TV shows said that when the son was taken away, milk came and his chest burst from pain. That night she turned to God in despair. "For what? Why us? Why us? " But in the morning we realized that it was happiness, that we had to go to the intensive care unit. For a year I lived in a car, because Sema and I were constantly taking tests and going to the doctors. It was worth it. I have such a boy! I have never seen such loving eyes with which he looks at me. An angel lives with me. Guardian angel, amateur angel ”, - said Bledans.

Evelina Bledans with her son Semyon Semin

Evelina added that she does not feel guilty before Semyon's dad Alexander Semin and does not take offense at him for leaving. “Let him live happily. He had a daughter, he got married. There is no need to remember how Sasha left - he left and left. I was not guilty before him. Until the last moment I tried to glue and connect, but it did not work, ”added the actress.

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